My proclivities for snake-on-woman mind control are nothing new. I’ve explored that territory a couple times now, its a sub-genre of erotic mind control that I do enjoy, but good source material is hard to come by.

Probably because its so scarce, I snap up every opportunity to indulge this particular facet of my fetish. And so, with that in mind, I have a new Kaa-inspired animation to share this morning.

Given that I’m quite certain that famous scene in The Jungle Book, lit the fire on my appreciation for Kaa-hypno, its somewhat ironic that it took three snake-mc manips before I was able to find imagery that truly pays homage to it.

Better late than never, here’s Rocking.


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    I found frame 6 of your Kia and Kaa manip more compelling; more erotic. But in that image, the snake’s eyes aren’t animated, and the eroticism may have more to do with the extended story than the image itself. This one stands alone, and is, as you noted, a complete story.

    Nicely done. Thank you!

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    I wouldn’t disagree with you at all. I think Kia and Kaa afforded more ‘heat’ through the tension, suspense, etc. Even looking at this image before I put my touch on it, I would quantify it as erotic, but not lustful per se.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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    Very nice! The composition is stellar. The light effects on the woman are superb, although I think the effects on the snake are a bit powerful, at least the cyan. Seems overly bright in an otherwise subdued piece.

    Nice work putting the snake together, too.

    Excellent captioning, capturing just the right moment in an ongoing process.

    I’ve always had an issue with Kaa… on the one hand, hypnosis! Hot! And so well visualized – thanks to whoever at Disney came up with those radiating color rings! On the other hand… vore, at least implied. Of which I’m not a fan.

    Hmm… maybe a short series, at the end of which the woman is revealed “returning to town” or some such, now possessing slit snake-eyes and a malevolent smile. That would square the circle nicely. 😉

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