I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. I myself am stealing time away to bring you a new manip I created this week and just couldn’t wait to share with you all. Though its a slight breach of holiday etiquette lets start today’s feast with Dessert, then you can read on to find out more about how this new animation came about.

I recently downloaded a large archive of pics featuring the lovely Justine Joli. I’d seen a little of her photo work and wanted to find out if she’d done any sets that would lend themselves to some hypno-kink. While quickly speeding through a dozen or so folders I came across a set of her with Aria Giovanni, who I’ve featured several times now.

While the bulk of the set didn’t have much potential for my purpose, the first few images really caught my eye. I finally settled on a pic of Aria leaning close in while Justine vamped at the camera. Which turned into my first hurdle; for the storyline that began forming in mind, I needed her lost in the throes of pleasure. I was able to pull another shot of Ms. Jolie’s head from a later pic in the series and solve that problem, then I began thinking about what sort of props Aria might be using to enthrall her new pet.

I’ve recently re-read trilby else’s phenomenal Recovery and, without spoiling anything, one of my favorite moments is when a freshly enslaved character has a vibrating pager placed in a harness against her sex, so her Mistress can reach out and touch someone if you take my meaning.

I think that scene must have been on my mind here, as I found myself really enamored of Justine’s slightly splayed legs and stockings. I created a bullet vibe with a control box that I tucked into the elastic top of her stocking, not sure how it would play to the story but thinking I’d want some sort of device to facilitate her pleasure-conditioning.

The real gem for me here was the crystal chandelier that was already in the scene. One of my early (and still favorite) hypno-tv moments is the famous Hart-to-Hart episode that features a similar fixture as a hypnosis prop. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try and recreate a similar effect through animation.

So, after playing around with some lighting effects I settled on three elements: a series of chaser lights, some rays emanating from the chandelier, and a color-shift that would engulf the room. Ironically, although it was the most straightforward effect, the color-shift proved to be the most time-consuming as I just couldn’t find the look I wanted.

After some trial and error, I realized that by so dramatically tinting the color of the image, I was missing some of the photograph’s character, which first caught my eye. By dialing back the color effect and tinting the two women with less intensity than the background, I was finally able to achieve what I saw in my head.

Sitting down to write the caption proved the usual exercise in self-restraint as I almost immediately had enough story ideas to fill a four-image series. In the end, I was able to hint at the world and events that I’d conceived while still keeping things brief enough to focus on the erotic heat I wanted to convey.

And that is how this latest piece came together. It was one of the quickest animations I’ve ever done; the entire affair was completed in less than eight non-continuous hours over two days.

Your questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome. I am still in-progress on a very ambitious new manip series that I hope to complete around the first of the new year and I’ll look forward to sharing more on that with you soon-ish.


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