Mariana Cordoba
Welcome back!

Well, it has been a while but, happily, what’s been keeping me busy is a whole bunch of mind control naughtiness. Even more happily, I’ll be sharing most of the new sexy fun with you all…staring right now!

I say “sharing most” because what’s been keeping me occupied is commission work and lots of it. I had three patrons contact me about some commission work within several weeks of each other. So, over the past month or so, I’ve been focused on getting all of their hypnopics completed and delivered.

Usually, I don’t share commission work publicly. If my patrons want to post the work I do for them, that’s fine with me, but its their decision. However, one of these recent patrons suggested that I should share three of the hypno-animations I’d done for them.

This patron had contacted me inquiring about some manip work featuring transexual pornstar Mariana Cordoba. They had sent along a number of images with some ideas and I ended up selecting several of them to create finished pieces of hypno-art. The patron was happy with their commission and I moved on to the next job in my queue.

However, this person recently got back in touch with me and enthusiastically suggested that I post some of the animations here. The short version is that I don’t have any work in my catalog featuring TS models and my patron felt like it was something people would really be interested to see from me.

So, with their permission, here are three new manips featuring the aforementioned Ms Cordoba: Tick-Tock, Check-in, and Resistance. Give them a look and then read on for my director’s commentary.

Was Yoko Ono a Hypnodomme? Did she use Hypnosis to win John Lennon back after they’d been separated for over a year? I’ll share the story this episode along with terrific new mind control fetish stories from robotbrainhumanheart [A Night in Yellow Bird Bar and Sessions] as well as softi [Playing With Fire], plus a director’s commentary on my latest hypno-animation, Proxy.

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Greetings everyone, I have a new animation for you tonight!

This animation has been done for a while but I had the worst block in trying to write it. I found that while I initially found the imagery very compelling. When it came time to create a story, my inspiration really had run dry.

Ultimately, I decided since the image wasn’t even the slightest bit explicit, and not really all that suggestive either, I’d go the other way with the caption and try to write something very erotic and decadent. That was the initial push that eventually led to Proxy.

Look out for my complete director’s commentary on the next episode of The Black Room podcast. I hope you enjoy and, as always, your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!

This week, I discuss not one, but TWO new stories from the very talented author softi. I have another great YouTube recommendation for the official GirlsGoneHypnotized channel, SwingingWatch. Plus, I talk Scrivener a fantastic tool for writers and aspiring scribes. And, finally, the second part of my interview with the hypnotic Mistress Love!

Mistress Love can be found on Twitter and Tumblr. Look for her work on Inraptured and Sensual Mistress.

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On this episode I talk some of my favorite brainwashing scenes from the excellent collection of film & tv clips curated by YouTuber EvilHairDresser IsOnFire. Then, I welcome the mesmerizing artist and hypnodomme, Mistress Love for part one of a terrifically fun conversation on all things erotic mind control.

Mistress Love can be found on Twitter and Tumblr. Look for her work on Inraptured and Sensual Mistress.

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Hi again! Well, as I teased yesterday, I have a new bit of EMC fun to share with you today. I’m very excited to unveil Priestess!

Snake hypno is one of my favorite genres to work in. Perhaps because its so rare to come across material that I find suitable, when I do have something that I think will work, I tend to obsess over it.

I’ve had this video of porn star Madison Ivy stashed away for a few months now. There’s a few animated GIFs making the rounds that were taken from this vid but I’ve yet to see anyone capitalize on the fact the she spends a bit of time dancing with a snake. I’ve been wanting to do another snake hypnosis piece for some time (ever since the last one) and I also wanted to challenge myself by creating the signature Kaa-hypnosis look on a piece of video.

The animation work was completed in a dozen or so half-hour sessions over the course of several weeks. I was delayed from starting on the writing until this week. However, I ended up re-watching Conan the Barbarian over the weekend and that became the driving force in the story I ended up creating. Which is another way of saying I stole this caption hook-line-and-sinker from Conan the Barbarian. 😉

If you’d like to hear more detail about how this manip was created, check out Episode 04 of The Black Room podcast. As always, your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!


In recent years, I’ve started using “sketches” like this to quickly save an image and get my ideas down while the inspiration is fresh.

I’m going to talk about this a bit more in the next episode of The Black Room podcast, but I wanted to share a quick note teasing a new piece I’ve started work on. I have a serious backlog of “potential material.” Now, the pessimists among you would call that “having a huge collection of porn,” but its not the same…seriously.

I’ve spoken before about how I will often look at image and get an instant surge of inspiration for what I could do to transform it into a new piece of EMC erotica. Normally, that works out great…provided I strike will the iron is hot. More than a few times I’ve saved images to my “In Progress” folder to remind myself to get started only to promptly forget about them.

Years later, I’ll stare blankly at a photo that I know I had some grand design for…but have completely forgotten about. So, I started making quick notes in text files or in the metadata of a jpg to remind myself. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as descriptive as my future-self would like. Here’s an actual note to myself from about seven years ago “Green light on left. Female shadow in BG. The maid?”

I have no clue what I meant by any that. I’ve looked at the image I think the text file was referring to but…no idea.

So, a few years ago, I got smart and started creating “sketches” where I would explain (to future me) exactly why I saved an image, what I intended to do with it, and any bits of story I might have thought up. I’ve since been using a great tool from the folks at Evernote called Skitch that makes this process quick and enjoyable. You drag in an image and can easily create shapes, draw on top of the photo, and add text notes. I’ve found it has really become a great tool in my workflow to get my ideas down quickly and in a form that I’ll still understand years from now.

So, I thought I’d pass along this little bit of kit in the hopes it might be useful to others out there. Its not really a photo-editor per se, but if you were just captioning an image, its a perfectly adequate tool for the job. If you happen to also be an Evernote user, it syncs there and you can organize it within your existing mega-collection of porn…er…I mean “potential material.”

On this episode: a new gynoid-riffic tale from Jukebox, the latest addition to my Animation gallery, a terrific spin-off of the Impero mythos from Sleepless Doktor and thrall enters The Black Room in an epic two-part interview that you don’t want to miss!

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