I was trading emails recently with Tabico and we were sharing some neat music videos that have a bit of a fetish vibe. Not out-and-out erotic stuff exactly, just a little something-something that whispers ‘sexy.’ Or, screams it this case; it is Slayer after all.

I don’t know if it will come as a surprise that most of my work has been created to a soundtrack of thrash, black, First Wave Swedish death, groove, and other varieties of metal… but it has. Slayer has been a long time favorite and one of my favorite songs from their album World Painted Blood is a track called “Beauty Through Order.” The song concerns that most notorious of female serial killers, Countess Elizabeth Bรกthory.

However, the music video is a fetishists delight where a lithe anonymous woman writhes and dances in a pool of flowing, black ichor. The image of black liquid latex flowing and encasing, or entrapping victims, is a potent one and its seen in a variety of EMC fiction across many sub-genres. Whether accomplished through means of magic or alien technology, the notion of a man or woman being overtaken by a mass of flowing black goo that takes them over has an undeniable twist of fetish heat.

Whether the music is to your taste, or not, give this a watch and I think you’ll find something to enjoy.

Slayer – Beauty through order from More Soon on Vimeo.


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