So, that whole “I’ll have an update this week” thing? Sorry, looks like I have to be a liar on that one. In my vanilla life, I sort of back-stepped into what is rapidly becoming a career. Things are at a crucial point right now and all of my focus is there. Anyway this week I got sidelined by some work-stuff and I didn’t get to finish my manip series as I’d hoped to. But I thought for those of you still checking my blog I’d tease you with a little preview of what’s to come.

I’m quite pleased with how this one has turned out. In some ways its quite simple in its final form but the technique and detail-oriented work that went into the actual art was very satisfying. Then there was a fair amount of time teaching myself some Flash programming to accomplish the technical aspects, but what I’ve learned has really got my imagination running wild on the possibilities for future projects.

Anyway here is a small tease of my latest work, which I should have ready to unveil early next week (for real this time).

The Room

Hope you enjoy.

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