Wow, 2014 is turning out to be a productive year for me. At this point, I’ve created more material this year than in any other, except 2005. My creative output during those first twelve months was pretty abundant. Of course, I was only doing still images in those days and now I work almost exclusively with animation, and the occasional video.

Judging from some of your comments and emails, you’d like those videos to be more than “occasional.” Of all the work I’ve produced, the three things that people talk to me about more than anything else is Orientation, the accompanying Orientation Screen, and Decisive Results. People really seem to like those and they often ask me when I’ll be doing more.

And, that’s what I want to talk about over the next few blog entries.

I’ve thought a lot about doing more videos. They’re fun to do, the reactions are always fun to read, and I enjoy bringing my particular brand of erotic mind control to life. But, they are also very time consuming. Orientation took a few months to complete. Decisive Results was over a year.

That’s a lot of time. As much as I love working on them and sharing them with people, I don’t seem to be getting more free time as I get older; quite the opposite. I used to do manip requests with some regularity. These days, I have to politely tell people that I’m happy to work on commission but I just don’t have enough spare time to work on things, that aren’t fulfilling my own artistic impulse, without compensation.

But, I really want to do more videos. Which is quite a dilemma given the whole dwindling-free-time situation. I was ruminating on these things earlier in the year when someone left this comment:


April 12th, 2014 @ 2:29 pm

You should think of making full movies and posting them for sale because your work is top notch and there is a huge market for your kind and quality of work people would pay for it it gladly!

I sat and read it over and over. Wondering if he were right. I’ve thought about doing exactly what he’s suggesting numerous times. But, there were always obstacles. Some were of personal nature, there were legal issues I could foresee being a problem, and there was always that problem of free time. I’m very busy and film making (good film making) takes time.

And then, circumstances went and changed on me. A few months ago, one of my long-running freelance jobs came to an end. That meant giving up a little money I was used to seeing each month. But, it also meant that I had more free time.

I began to think about what I would do with this spare time. Catching up on TV shows or video games sounds like a lot of fun, but we all know I’m a workaholic. I’m happiest when I’m doing something.

And so, I began to think about what I’d really like to be doing with my new-found time…

To be continued


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    “there were legal issues I could foresee being a problem”

    Could this lead to partnering with an existing creator of not-crappy MC-themed content? Like MC Theatre?

    I don’t know how any of that stuff works, but it might be something to consider.

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    I don’t know where this going but I would definitely pay money for a video or film. Of course, that probably would require you spending a lot of money on actors, sets, etc. instead of doing simple manips with public material.

    But I’m just happy with anything you put out. Your site has higher quality material than plenty of premium sites I’ve been to (and spent money on!)

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    Awww man was hoping for another pornographic one; however, know that I and many of us will support whatever choice you make because the work that you have done so far is magnificent. There is no wrong decision because we got your back 100%. Once again thank you so much for sharing all of your work to us, you are truly amazing~

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