Lets Talk About My Next Video – Part 2


Welcome back all.

So last time, I spoke about how I had been thinking about making my own original erotic mind control films. But there had been three obstacles: personal stuff, legal stuff, and time.

I left off after explaining that the time problem recently sorted itself out. The personal stuff? Also got sorted recently.

Leaving the legal stuff. The situation is thus: I live in a very conservative state. It is illegal for me to produce and/or profit from pornographic material as a resident of this state. Now, there are lots of states that have these laws that are never enforced. However, a person in my state was prosecuted within the last twelve years or so for violating these laws.

Getting prosecuted is not an option.

So, I was back to square one. And then, an idea occurred to me: what if I made mind control films… that weren’t pornographic? What if I produced an ‘R-rated’ fetish film? I could do nudity, I could sexy, I could do erotic. I could do a whole lot with those things. I think my work has always leaned closer to ‘erotic’ than ‘explicit’ anyway. Stylistically, it wouldn’t be that different.

Shooting an R-rated movie would give me access to a larger pool of talent. Finding strong actors willing to do nudity would be easier than trying to find strong actors willing to have sex on camera. And, I would want strong actors for the kinds of films I’d hope to make.

Shooting R-rated also helps with a fundamental problem every production has: funding. A forward-thinking commenter made this recommendation:

April 17th, 2014 @ 9:29 am
Two words, crowd sourcing…

I’ve been closely studying crowd-funding for several years and I do think it would be a good fit for me. However, almost every crowd funding site has a policy that forbids pornography. Another problem solved if I don’t make pornography.

So, all happy news so far. Unfortunately, I’ve saved the worst bit for last. Because, as you may have heard, there’s no more sure way to get blacklisted by a credit card processor than to to sell anything associated with the words “hypnosis, mind control, or brainwashing.”

We’ll tackle this issue next time.

To be continued…

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    surely not offbeatr, “crowdfunding for fetish communities and the adult industry” http://offbeatr.com/

    while obviously I am in total agreement that the risk of prosecution out weighs the reward of creation, I can’t help but feel that a part of what makes “orientation” and “decisive results” so incredible is that it’s mc with payoff;

    while not the most prolific genre, one can more easily find mc done well that has no pay off, and mc done poorly that does have pay off

    on the other hand, you do have a great grasp of the sensual, and could probably do a lot with implications, such as “sex” under sheets or showing the expression of a participant

    what about nc-17?

    and just to be sure, would it still be illegal if you were to film in another state? What about some sort of not-for-profit porn?…Is that even a feasible idea?

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    Thanks for your comment Eli. I have looked very closely at offbeatr and, if all other conditions allowed for it, that would be my top choice to produce an adult-rated film.

    However, the statute I mentioned says that I can’t reside in the state and profit from pornographic material. So that blockade is still very much in-place.

    As for the level of “payoff,” I plan on much more than sex-under-the-sheets. If you’ve seen films like Basic Instinct, The Dreamers, or Y Tu Mamá También, you’ll have an idea of the level of heat I’ll be aiming for.

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    Have you consulted a lawyer? I would be careful; a state which prosecutes pornographers may have unusually liberal definitions of what constitutes “pornography”.

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    Yes, WJS, I have and thank you for the sound advice.

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    The web sites set up for crowd sourcing efforts were not invented by governments, but regular people. It is not beyond scope to develop your own site and system for crowd sourcing, or approach ‘investment’ in a different out side the box way.

    As stated elsewhere, we’re I able my investment into your future projects would be assured. The possibility of returning a profit is enticement enough, however your talents should be more wide spread just because.

    Might I suggest you consult with a business entity on the same general field, such as Mind Control Theater. Given your general level of fame and appreciation within the adult community I would expect them to take you seriously. They have much of the logistical resources and talent already in place.

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    The Sexy in your content that I find irresistible, is the delicious sense of surrender and satisfaction that develops. Between the raw sexy, the wide range of scary and the inevitable endings, there is a contextual flavor conveyed which tickles all the darkest corners of the mind. And all this in the thinnest slice of your vision. Imagining a full length feature film give me the happy shiver of anticipation.

    If you reach a point of giving presentations to investors and need a Presenter other than yourself, you know where to find me.

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    Thank you very much for those comments Loupe. You’ve certainly given me several things to think about. I may do another post (beyond what I’d plan to write) in this series just to address some of the great questions and advice that have come up in the comments.

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    I have family in high corporate positions and I asked them about that legal distinction and their response was This; File a bushiness license with a silent partner in another state. Live where ever you like, run your enterprise where ever it needs to be.

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    You do good work without funding. I’d love to see what you’d do with some.

    Ping me, please, if you set up a crowdfunding site.

    Note that Smut Peddler was successfully crowdfunded.


    Best of luck and I look very much forward to watching the resulting film!


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    I’m sorry that I can’t provide any useful information regarding this issue but know that I am a supporter of whatever direction you’re able to go in. I only discovered your page a few years back but I love the content. I would be happy to continue to see your manips but also excited to see what you could do with a film.

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    I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I’d like to see something with production value similar to some of Fred Olen Ray’s movies from the ’90’s (Possessed by the Night, Sorceress), but, you know, BETTER!

    A piece of marketing advice: I am sure you have more than one idea for a movie bouncing around in that head of yours. Create a survey on your blog and see which of those ideas attracts the most widespread interest.

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    I for one think all the intercourse distracts from the hotness of hypnosis and mind control! As someone who feels like watching pornography during the Agent brainwashing scene in Agents of SHIELD, I’ll support you even if you are going to avoid frontal nudity!

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    your work has been some of the best I’ve ever seen. I just love the videos where the “skin on skin” aspect is used during the hypnotic process to further enhance the hynotic effect on the One being controlled. I would gladly purchase your work. You more than deserve funding for your work. If I learn anything of use to you I’ll share it.


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