Greetings and salutations dear reader. Though I can’t imagine why would you check this space with any regular frequency (as I am apparently incapable of updating it as such), on the off chance you’re out there, wondering what I’m up to, I thought I’d tell you. I’ve been creating. The super secret project is still underway and I’m making very good progress there thank-you-very-much, but I came across a set of pics this week that got me really inspired and I decided to take a break from the aforementioned big manip project to work on this.

I remember seeing the Coen brothers interviewed once and they said that in the midst of writing Fargo (I believe) they needed a break and wrote The Big Lebowski. At the time, that struck me as incredibly daring and unconventional. Work on a new project while another lies unfinished? Blasphemy! But as I’ve considered it, I realize that part of my perfectionist mentality that cripples me at times is this instinctive need to finish one thing before moving to another.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about finishing what you start (and perhaps this attitude is my way of overcompensating for not completing things in the past), but if you don’t feel like working on one thing, and you disallow yourself from working on something else, then you end up doing nothing; and, just in case its not clear: (flawless Agent Smith impression) I haaaaate doing nothing.

So, with this new found freedom in-hand, I just finished the manip work on a new short-series. I still need to write it and do some tech stuff, but I anticipate that I’ll have the finished version posted tomorrow evening. Since I’m teasing you and everything, I’ll also say that its an animated manip and that it involves snake hypno (which I’ll talk more about once I post it).

Fruitless distraction or rejuvenating detour? We’ll find out tomorrow; hope to see you then.

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