Now, if you’re a South Park fan, you’re probably already saying “They tikk ur jerb!” If you’re not a South Park fan, that joke goes a little something like this.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

So this past week I came across a few photos from a Playboy shoot of a model named Sydney Barlette wearing a set of VR goggles and looking…well looking like she was being programmed with some sort of sexiness. I grabbed the images in question, thinking it would make for a quick manipping session. Lets face it, if I don’t have to add the brainwashing goggles myself, there’s not much left to do other than write.

So, having saved the images, I was closing the browser tab and my eyes just happened to glance over a bit of the text description informing me that I should join Playboy Plus to view the full res images…

…along with the video.

I literally, not figuratively, did a double take and scrambled to reopen the page I’d just closed. Some photog at Playboy put a woman in a brainwashing contraption (c’mon, no one’s buying this as a vr-themed shoot), took some pictures, and then shot video of it. I had to see it. I could not stand the idea of such a video existing and not seeing it.

It took some time, but I eventually tracked down a copy that someone uploaded to a vid sharing site and my jaw hung open for three minutes and change as I saw one of the most pure realizations of my particular EMC fetish flavors play out on-screen. Now, to be sure, I’m using my imagination a little…but only a little.

The vid itself plays out like a dubstep music video inspired by…erotic mind control. I keep looking at it and trying to see what was intended but to me all I see is a thinly veiled fantasy of a woman being brainwashed into a sex pet by another woman. You know what? I’ll shut up and stop describing it now so you can see for yourself:

Sydney Barlette Her Virtual Reality by bigtitfan10

You see? Playboy is making it harder for manip artists to work. How am I supposed to transform pics and videos of women into pics and videos of women being mind-controlled if Playboy makes them mind-controlled to being with?! They took my job!

I love that show, I really do.

Anyway, the photographer’s name is Jared Ryder and to him I can only say “thank you.” Thanks for basically putting what’s in my head on-screen for me, and everyone, to enjoy. But don’t think for a second I’m not going to manip this vid. 😉

I may only be using my imagination a little…but when I’m finished, less is definitely going to be more.


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    Bravo! can’t wait to see what you come up with. Maddeningly hot.

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    This seriously looks like something you would do. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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    This was good, but your stuff is better,Callidus.
    Funny,though, how our fine fetish is perceived by Playboy.

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    Thanks for the vote-of-confidence all. I appreciate the kind words…though I do hope I haven’t raised your expectations too high. I’d much rather under-promise and over-deliver.

    Building off of what Witchman said, it is interesting to see how our fetish is perceived by those outside it. As a matter of fact, I’m prepping my next blog now and will discuss, in part, that exact topic as seen through some other videos that I find much more frustrating; because they come so close to EMC but draw up short for no good reason.

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    huh, so when do we get our “I liked MC before it was mainstream” bumperstickers and tshirts?

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    Now that was fun to watch. Even had a lot of the usual Playboy filler added, but the MC was great. Its so rare to find stuff like this. Great find. I hope a longer video is found.

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    Are you sure this wasn’t yours? This was great!

    (Still waiting on you to manip the pics I sent!)

    Witchman, is that YOU? Haven’t seen you since we co-authored “Holy Smoke” 10 years ago! How are you?

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    Bloody hell. Wow. Whoever produced that knew what they were doing.

    Different thing to what you do though, the thing I like about your work is that you give both the image and a “window” into a story that prompts the imagination to supply more, which, to me, is the difference between erotic and porn (which just shows you the whole thing rather than getting your mind rolling on in its own direction).


    I’ll be in my bunk.

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