tile_colorWelcome back faithful reader. Last time I teased you with an image and the news I was working on a new manip. I’m practically jubilant at the moment having just overcome a major hurdle to the project. Allow me to explain…as I said last time, this new series is an animated manip and the particular animation(s) I had in mind are not especially easy.

Again, it all comes back to this geometric design that I showed you last time (and which I now unveil in all its full-color glory!); a person with a better grasp of programming or mathematics would probably breeze through it in an afternoon, but alas that person is not I. So, I have had this major hurdle out in front of me for several months now and frankly I didn’t even want to get started because I knew how much work it was going to be.

This week though, I was able to get caught up enough on other things to finally dedicate some time to it and although its taken three days of intense work, I’m happy to report this particular milestone is now in the ‘completed’ column. Now the manip itself isn’t done, but a very significant portion of the groundwork is; from here I move on to more traditional photoshopping and writing. Still no release date yet, too soon for that, but I’m motivated now and I tend to get impatient when I get that way.

So stay tuned for more and if my workload continues to cooperate, I may just have this thing finished before the summer is over.

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