While formal employment hasn’t allowed for much progress over the weekend, I thought I’d post tonight anyway and let everyone know that its going to happen this week. The manip I’ve been working on for twice as long as I’ve been teasing it is ‘this close’ (you can’t see my finger and thumb, but they’re really close together) to being finished. I’m finishing up the writing along with some final tweaks to the images and putting together the flash file. This is the final stages of work, once the flash file is complete with the latest media and text…I’m done!

So since I’m teasing you (you know you like it) I’ll drop some non-specific facts that won’t spoil anything but will hopefully whet your appetite. This new manip will be titled Alpha and will feature 16 panels; most of which are animated. There is an appearance by a character who was introduced as an unseen hand in a prior manip and if you happen to be familiar with said-manip, you’ll see that while the method is quite tech-heavy this time, Her strategy remains true-to-form.

As I write this, I’m having a flash of inspiration regarding this character. I think She’s the sort of serial-enslaver whose methodology isn’t determined by what is most efficient or effective, but rather by very powerful compulsions. I think She has a process for enslavement that She needs to (must) follow; She finds a target, develops a plan, sets the pieces into place, and then puts the gears into motion. The actual act of enslavement does not satisfy Her unless it comes about by the ritualistic machinations of her process.

I want to write more but I think I’ll stop there and save the rest to actually put in the story. Don’t worry, I promise it won’t delay the grand unveiling.

See you soon.

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