I’m one of those people who actually listens to DVD Commentary tracks. Why? Because the creative process fascinates me. Not surprisingly, I find myself equally fascinated by creative people; their process, their inspirations, etc. As such, I am happy to present this series of interviews with some of my favorite artists from the mc-community. If there is someone who you would like to see featured here, drop me an email.

I’d also like to say “thank you” to the participating artists for their very valuable time. And finally, if there’s someone here whose work you enjoy, please let them know. An email that only takes a few moments of your time really means a lot, and I’m sure would be very appreciated.

Thank you and Enjoy

Tabico – posted 12.04.07

A Renaissance Lady in every sense of the term, Tabico is a prolific author as well as a formidable photo-manip artist. From sci-fi and fantasy to contemporary and squick, there’s hardly a sub-genre of mc that she hasn’t explored at some point. Her work is smart and edgy, usually touching, and always molten-hot.

Tabico can be found at: – Tabico’s author page at the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive

The Collective – Her photo-manips gallery at the Hypnopics-Collective (free account required).

Tabico can be reached at:

Thrall – posted 12.06.08

One of the most talented and respected authors in mind-control fiction, thrall is a true visionary. Squick, sci-fi, and femdolls are but a few of the staples of this marvelous writers’s body of work. Her stories are also known for being incredibley hot, deceptively romantic, and always, always worth a third and fourth viewing.

Thrall can be found at: – Thrall’s author page at the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive.

Blogger – Thrall’s personal blog. Filled with her unique insight and opinion.

Thrall can be reached at:

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