Irene Adler is dispatched by The League to investigate a stage-mentalist who may be involved in a series of disappearances.
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 - Featuring Nicotine (Sarah Hunter)
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Published on December 14, 2011

Director's Commentary

This series was absolutely one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had since I started manipping. I actually had very little to do in the way of alterations. There was the removal of some body piercings, swapping out a head with a better facial expression, and adding a pair of goggles to the last few pics; but really that was it. These pics were so perfect to begin with that my work really took place in the writing, which was, as I’ve intoned, terrific fun.

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    This is SO much fun. It’s a great set of photos, as you noted, and I think you matched the writing to them *extremely* well. It’s exceedingly hot, of course, but some of the little touches are also fabulous. The reference to “The Russian fellow,” for example – really great stuff. I can definitely see why you had so much fun with this series!

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    Nice work…love the historical angle.

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    Spiffy! I can see where the images demanded to be worked with, what a great steampunk setup. And what good hands it fell into! Very nice work.

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    You have done a great job. Thank you for all this wonderful Manipping.

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    My word!
    Good gracious.
    This is a rum do if I ever saw one.
    Why, I do believe the good Marquis is nothing but a bounder and a cad. I shall have him expelled from his gentleman’s club forthwith. Moreover, I shall write a strongly worded letter to the Times about his ungallant behaviour….

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    @Zorkmeister: Well-said. A pox on him I say!

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    I desperately await pt 2. Basil’s ‘Rescue’..

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