Well I’m afraid I fell off the wagon there for a few weeks, but y’know what? That’s okay. I’m not going to apologize for being busy. That said I’m definitely trying to get back on-track with my goal to do a lot more updating this year. So for now, I’m here with some more mouth-watering, manip-morsels for your perusal and enjoyment. So let’s tuck in shall we?

First, I’ve somehow slipped up and included a pic that’s almost safe for work. So, here I’m very fond of the pose as well as the empty screen behind our model. The down-turned head and fact that she’s facing away from what will soon become an irresistible hypno-laptop suggests to me that we’re seeing the aftermath of an enslavement session.

That, in turn, suggests that the bulk of the story would be catching up on what’s led up to this moment with a hint of what happens next. The windows in the background are also an avenue to be possibly be exploited. I could easily see removing the shades and dropping in a background that could support the story in some way. Perhaps a glimpse of the person responsible for our protagonist’s newly-subjugated state, or maybe she’ll find herself with an uncontrollable urge to show off her new laptop to someone visible in the window? Whatever the case, I think its a great foundation with a number of directions to explore.

Alright, back in familiar NSFW territory with this one. Obviously a woman strapped to a bed has all sorts of mc-possibilities but the real key to this image for me is the empty chair in the background. My first thought would be that the model would be wearing VR goggles and headphones, her will melting under the mental assault, and perhaps a laptop running the nefarious brainwashing software would be sitting there.

But then I though about how much more yummy it would be if the person responsible was sitting there instead. Now if that person were themselves acting under the direction of a fiendish mind-controller and following out commands to restrain and reeducate our lovely protagonist…well, I think that would work out all right.

Sometimes you don’t even have to try. Obviously my inspiration here lies in the fact that we have a naughty-nurse (and who doesn’t like a naughty nurse?) forcing a young woman to gaze into…well something diabolical and spirally (new adjective!). Of course the problem lies in the fact that both parties are clearly looking at the screen.

At first I thought I might manip the nurse’s eyes closed, but as I thought about it further, I realized that the young woman’s glasses might prove to be both a solution to the dilemma as well as the genesis of the story. Perhaps the subliminal programing embedded within the hypno-software only effects people wearing a special set of glasses; like a 3D digital cinema or They Live (underrated film btw) in reverse.

In any case, since we can’t see what’s happening on-screen, I’m thinking this image might be a perfect candidate for some animation; some spinning and/or strobing graphics playing across the face of the brunette would help to sell the overall vibe nicely.

I think we all agree that this pic needs no explanation…yet I write one anyway. I’m actually quite convinced that the photographer captured this image with me specifically in mind on account of…well just look at it! The facial expression is wonderful, she’s holding something that’s non-specific enough to be any sort of hypno-prop and she’s suffering from a lack of clothes; the very definition of good-manip-material.

Like the last image, the fact that we can’t see what she’s seeing means I may also use animation. I’m also confident enough in the existing dynamic range that I think I could create some deep contrast effect; perhaps having the image quite dark except when illuminated by the flashing hypno-device in her hands. It would add a certain dramatic sensibility while also drawing attention to her über-trance-face.

I don’t have a concrete story idea yet, so it might end up brief, but I think the base image is so strong that getting the words out of the way for the most part wouldn’t be a bad thing. The picture itself says volumes.

Thanks again for riding along on a trip to visit my muse, I hope you enjoyed this latest ‘Musings’ installment and please don’t hesitate to share your comments, questions, and suggestions!

See you next time.


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    Just a heads up, your interview and tutorial sections are down and giving this kind of message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function TA_content_jump() in /home/content/C/a/l/Callidusmc/html/wp-content/themes/firebug/page.php on line 4

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    Thanks, I’m working on a fix. After applying the latest WordPress update, one of my more crucial plugins is completely broken. I’m hunting for a replacement now; failing that I’ll have to do some redesigning. Thanks again for the heads up.


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    Lovely and hot pictures, Callidus, especially the third one, as it would fit very well into the story I just wrote for the “Iron Writer” contest on the Garden, called “Inspiration”, and having to do with one woman directing another what to write on her computer.

    So, in that, your picture hit very close to home, amd om a very erotic way.

    Otherwise, and forgive me for saying, but a fave of all of ours, sara castle (see her over 50 stories on the EMCSA) died last week of colon cancer. I wasn’t sure if you or your followers knew that, so I thought I’d mention.

    We’re setting up a memorial board there for those MC writers/contributors who’ve died over the past couple of years, including Blank Serena, blankpage, and now sara.

    Sorry to bring bad news here, but I thought you and your fans should know, Callidus.

    Hugs, Jo

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    Thank You Jo, I’m really sorry to hear that as Sara was a great talent and wonderful person. Though I hadn’t spoken to her in some time, we enjoyed a really rich correspondence for the better part of a year.

    She will certainly be missed.


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