They say the first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one. I have a problem. I want to do so many things and I don’t always manage my time well. Compacting that problem, is the fact that I’m a perfectionist to an unhealthy degree at times and, in the past, when I’ve felt like I couldn’t do something spectacular, I just ended up doing nothing.

Alright, so I’ve admitted my problem, time to move on to a recovery plan.

I really enjoy posting and wish I did it more. I know it would give you all a reason to drop by a few times a week (instead of a few times a year) and I’d feel more productive and so and so forth. But I’ve had a very basic problem in reaching this goal. I have no idea what to write about. Or, more precisely, I need to find something to write about a few times a week.

I’ve always really enjoyed thrall’s posts wherein she highlights various fetish-photos from around the web. So I’ve been giving some thought to adapting the idea. The one mc-fetish related thing I do with consistency is hunt for new images to manip. Since, I’ll never actually manip everything I have saved, I thought I’d just start pulling some notable images from my ‘Watch Folder’ and sharing them with you all.

Maybe it will lead to inspiration for me and an eventual finished product, maybe it will lead to inspiration for you and we’ll play a ‘everybody write a caption’ game in the comments. Maybe it will just be a cool collection of pics with mc-possibilities. Whatever the case, I’m excited to write the first installment, so let’s get started shall we?

I’m not hunting anything specific at the moment, so today’s pics are going to be all over the map. First up, we have a pro-am bondage shoot with this rather interesting-looking rig. The full-body bondage contraption definitely has possibilities and I’m especially liking her expression. The electrode pads and various wires are quite nice; usually I end up having to put that stuff in myself. I’m also very drawn to those imposing looking manacles around her wrists. Not sure why they’re catching my eye, but they have a particularly sinster quality that I’m liking.

I’m actually really not liking the arm sticking into frame holding the vibe. I think if I were to move forward with this one, I’d probably either mirror the left side of her body (since the lighting looks pretty flat) and clone stamp the right side (our right) or find a clean frame without the arm and use that to clone from. Either way, I’d like to remove it before getting to the good stuff.

I’m thinking a wrap-around visor attached to the sides of the bondage frame with some sinful hypno graphics combined with that eyes-locked-but-still-resisting face she’s making and this one could start cooking.

Next up, we have a pony-girl-in-the-making. Just a perfect expression on this model’s face, don’t you think? The bit about to go into her mouth and those eyes! Its really strong. I’m debating on the hypno device I’d like to implement here. I could easily do a semi-transparent visor that’s showing pony-girl training footage (which I happen to have some video to use for that) which would make this an ideal candidate for a simple animated manip.

But there’s also something that’s whispering at me that maybe a shiny bauble would be appropriate here too. A simple pony girl doesn’t need anything more than a shiny thing on a chain to leash her mind and remind her that a good pony is a blank pony. Hmm, I think I’m channeling (stealing from) trilby else again (that happens often, be warned).

I think I’d probably play with the contrast quite a bit to make the image a bit more dramatic and I’d definitely have to tone down the fire-engine red nail polish on the hands, they’re drawing my eye away from the model’s face which I most certainly do not want.

This next piece comes to us courtesy of fetish model Princess Fatale. This is one of those images that I like and I have some instinctive sense there’s a manip here, but I’m not sure where just yet. I’m not especially interested in the gas mask fetish. On the other hand, I very much like her latex catsuit. I think its the captive woman in the background that really stands out to me. It suggests drama, perhaps even a scenario.

The surrounding environment could easily double for a sara castle-esque near-future-dystopia. A future where small drone robots hunt female survivors in the ruins of humanity’s once-great cities. These two women were friends, comrades maybe; and now one watches helpless as her partner slowly succumbs to a conversion droid.

If I could find some shots of Ms Fatale (which shouldn’t be difficult) with bare arms/torso/legs, shot from a similar angle, I could mask out bits of the latex suit and make it look like a nanobot sheath that is slowly covering her; transforming her body, while the mask transforms her mind.

Though I admit, I’m not sure how to tackle the mask exactly; in terms of writing it into the plot in a way that makes sense.

I could build off the vacuum on the floor and turn it into a robot of some type, it uses hypnotic light projection to stun and incapacitate its victims. As they stare into its light array, they have the irresistible urge to kneel before the robot, get their face close to it, so it can clamp a conversion mask on to their heads. With the trailing hose providing steady flow of nanite-gas, the transformation begins while the helmet reprograms our poor heroine’s mind.

I’d have to find a story reason to have the second woman tied up and perhaps suggest she’s trying to get her legs free to kick the droid and halt the conversion process. Hmmm, see I don’t know exactly where these things are going sometimes, but eventually I get there.

And finally today, I have this rather interesting pic of amateur bondage that has all sorts of potential. I like the fact that the model has a ‘real woman’ quality instead of the unachievable perfection most adult models and actresses are known for. It gives the image a certain gritty-reality mood that I like. The pose and bondage are obviously exploitable and the blindfold could be swapped for a pair of VR goggles with headphones quite easily.

The TV in the background could be used to show the image feed she’s seeing in the visor. The video feed is actually being piggy-backed off the dvd player next to the tv. That suggests a very different type of controller than the typical super-villainess with money to burn and underground bases that would make 60’s-era bond movies envious.  Perhaps this is the first outing of an amateur controller who’s using found-technology to induce this woman; a mind-control-next-door kind of thing. A neighbor perhaps.

Hmm, there’s definitely a story here somewhere, will have to ponder further.

And with that I think I’ll bring this first installment of Musings to a close. Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts in the comments, I’d really like to hear from you about this column as well as the pics discussed. I’ll be back next time with some all new images and thoughts to tempt your mind with.

Until then..


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