I love finding new mc-related sites. More specifically, I love it when other people tell me about them…cause its less work that way. So, these sites have been recommended to me, and I pay it forward to all of you fine folks: for your enjoyment, education, and self-advancement. Behold:

One of my (and I hope your) favorite authors has recently joined the blogger ranks. The magnificently talented thrall, now has a personal blog detailing her interests in the mind-control, latex/rubber, and robot fetishes. She talks about various things that push her buttons, models that strike her fancy, and even keeps us informed on her latest fiction work. One very neat thing that she’s been doing, which I may do a little of myself, is discussing pictures that she finds particularly fascinating. I think this is very interesting, and a great opportunity to peak inside the mind of one of the most talented writers in our community.

The Spiral Awards 2007 winners for excellence in erotic mind control fiction have just been announced. Some I’ve read, some I haven’t, though I’m ridiculously excited about my friend sara castle being among the winners. “Founded in 2006, the Spiral Awards look to recognize the best of the creative erotic mind control community.” Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the panel for all the time and effort invested in this very worthy endeavor.

And finally I bring you the latest venture from one of the Collective’s more prolific members: Doc Fakes. He’s got a new peronsal site featuring a Gallery of his own work as well as pics by others. Also a forum community for a multitude of mind-control and manipping topics. Doc’s work is full of Bimbofication, Celebrity MC, and celeb-bimbofication (to name a few). Check his site out here:

All these sites now have a permanent home in the links page.

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