bookmark_iconRC is one of the most revered and prolific authors in the mc community. His catalog is, what we in the industry refer to as, “large and in charge”. Posting his initial work to the newsgroup (remember newsgroups?), RC has the distinction of being one of the early authors in the mc scene, though fans of a.s.f.r. are plenty familiar with him as well (as a matter of fact the very first mc-story I ever read was RC’s Mandy). This is his personal website, filled with his wonderful work, thoughts, and musings: and well worth your time.

Blankserena’s blog has been getting a fair amount of attention lately and for good reason: her entries are some of the hottest mc-erotica to be found anywhere. I don’t know how much of her adventures are actual experiences and what’s simply first-person fantasy (she states its 98% real), but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. Her tales are exciting, a bit dangerous, and very hot.

However, there is more than just mc-thrills to be found in her posts. Blankserena’s words are an honest portrait of a woman who is as preoccupied with the mind-control fetish as any of us. And just as with any biographical account, just as with any life, she is not merely one thing. Rather, she is the sum, and greater, of all her disparate parts: a mosaic of the human experience that she has graciously allowed the rest of us to peek in on. As with any story, the point is not the vicarious thrill (though that part is very enjoyable) but rather what these things teach us of ourselves.

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