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The Black Room – Episode 009


Are you watching Marvel’s new mind-control Netflix series? This episode, I’ll discuss Marvel’s Jessica Jones, bring you my fan commentary for CORE issue #9, discuss the excellent EroticHypnosisGIFs tumblr, and share part 2 of my epic conversation with mind control author and aficionado Madam Kistulot!

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Show Notes:
Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Erotic Hypnosis GIFs

Stop What You’re Doing and Start Watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones


Seriously, you’re still reading this, I can tell. You’re reading this and you’re not watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix. Which is a mistake. Because you’re reading this, I can surmise that you like Erotic Mind Control. And, that’s why you need to stop reading this and go watch Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Like, right now.

We’ll talk more on the next podcast!