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New Animation: Priestess

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Hi again! Well, as I teased yesterday, I have a new bit of EMC fun to share with you today. I’m very excited to unveil Priestess!

Snake hypno is one of my favorite genres to work in. Perhaps because its so rare to come across material that I find suitable, when I do have something that I think will work, I tend to obsess over it.

I’ve had this video of porn star Madison Ivy stashed away for a few months now. There’s a few animated GIFs making the rounds that were taken from this vid but I’ve yet to see anyone capitalize on the fact the she spends a bit of time dancing with a snake. I’ve been wanting to do another snake hypnosis piece for some time (ever since the last one) and I also wanted to challenge myself by creating the signature Kaa-hypnosis look on a piece of video.

The animation work was completed in a dozen or so half-hour sessions over the course of several weeks. I was delayed from starting on the writing until this week. However, I ended up re-watching Conan the Barbarian over the weekend and that became the driving force in the story I ended up creating. Which is another way of saying I stole this caption hook-line-and-sinker from Conan the Barbarian. 😉

If you’d like to hear more detail about how this manip was created, check out Episode 04 of The Black Room podcast. As always, your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!

New Animation: Rocking in the Trees

New Animation: Rocking in the Trees

My proclivities for snake-on-woman mind control are nothing new. I’ve explored that territory a couple times now, its a sub-genre of erotic mind control that I do enjoy, but good source material is hard to come by.

Probably because its so scarce, I snap up every opportunity to indulge this particular facet of my fetish. And so, with that in mind, I have a new Kaa-inspired animation to share this morning.

Given that I’m quite certain that famous scene in The Jungle Book, lit the fire on my appreciation for Kaa-hypno, its somewhat ironic that it took three snake-mc manips before I was able to find imagery that truly pays homage to it.

Better late than never, here’s Rocking.

Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

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Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

Welcome back dear reader. As promised lat night, I’m presenting a new project this evening and I’m actually finished ahead of schedule (take a picture it doesn’t happen often). So what’s it all about? Well, I won’t rehash yesterday’s post, but I’ll simply say that I’m currently working on an animated manip of epic proportion (in terms of complexity and work-load) and, frankly, I needed a break from it.

I came across a picture set a week or two ago that reached out from the monitor and slapped me in the face screaming MANIP ME, MANIP ME STUPID MONKEY!!! I love to work on those pieces that come together in an instant. Its not always the first time I look at a pic (though it was in this case), but when the story and the imagery leap into my mind in a single instant of inspiration, that’s a project worth taking on.

So, having had this sudden burst from the muse, I decided to take a break from the behemoth manip, and just put foot to pedal and complete this one in record time. In in that regard, I’ve succeeded. You’re bound to notice spelling mistakes. The compisiting isn’t nearly as polished as I usually prefer it to be. But, that wasn’t the point in a sense. The point was to do something fun and inspired and, again, in that regard I succeeded.

When I did my first snake-on-woman hypno manip, it was born out of a feeling it was a sub-genre lacking in representation. Since then, I’ve found numerous artists on the Collective that have done work along similar lines and, of course, Kaa from Disney’s animated Jungle Book film is usually in a starring role. In looking back on my original effort, I realized that I hadn’t really nailed the animation with the eyes. Looking at the film again, I realized that I just whipped up something that seemed correct, but I’ve been thinking about doing another snake-hypno piece, if for no other reason, to take another swing at nailing the distinctive Kaa hypnosis look.

So, that too was on my mind when I sat down to tackle this side-project and, again, I’m quite happy with the results.

Lastly, I’ve been anxious to try out a new tool called Adobe Flash Catalyst. Its designed as a UI to Adobe Flash and (in theory) would allow a person to develop simple Flash applications (like a picture gallery or slideshow) quickly and without writing code. I’ve been desperately searching for a tool like this for months and this project was a great chance to do some testing and see if it lived up to the tag-line.

Which by-and-large it did. I was able to very quickly assemble all my finished panels into an animated Flash slideshow in far less time than it took me to research, code, and troubleshoot the Action Script for my last animated manip. Its not feature complete; I would have desperately loved to include a soft music track playing with the images* but this software is very exciting as it will allow me to assemble interactive manip projects in a matter of hours instead of (literally) months.

So, going in to this new piece, I had a lot of things on my mind and, for what its worth, I feel enormously content with the end result with respect to each of the qualities I’ve mentioned. As for whether or not YOU enjoy it as a reader? Well, I should probably shut up and let you see it.

I do hope you enjoy Kia and Kaa.


*If you’re curious about what music I had planned to include, it was this haunting rendition of ‘Trust in Me’ by the Soul Flutes. Give it a spin as you view the manip for full effect.