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New Animations: Mariana Cordoba Commission Series


Mariana Cordoba
Welcome back!

Well, it has been a while but, happily, what’s been keeping me busy is a whole bunch of mind control naughtiness. Even more happily, I’ll be sharing most of the new sexy fun with you all…staring right now!

I say “sharing most” because what’s been keeping me occupied is commission work and lots of it. I had three patrons contact me about some commission work within several weeks of each other. So, over the past month or so, I’ve been focused on getting all of their hypnopics completed and delivered.

Usually, I don’t share commission work publicly. If my patrons want to post the work I do for them, that’s fine with me, but its their decision. However, one of these recent patrons suggested that I should share three of the hypno-animations I’d done for them.

This patron had contacted me inquiring about some manip work featuring transexual pornstar Mariana Cordoba. They had sent along a number of images with some ideas and I ended up selecting several of them to create finished pieces of hypno-art. The patron was happy with their commission and I moved on to the next job in my queue.

However, this person recently got back in touch with me and enthusiastically suggested that I post some of the animations here. The short version is that I don’t have any work in my catalog featuring TS models and my patron felt like it was something people would really be interested to see from me.

So, with their permission, here are three new manips featuring the aforementioned Ms Cordoba: Tick-Tock, Check-in, and Resistance. Give them a look and then read on for my director’s commentary. (more…)