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The Black Room – Episode 007


Was Yoko Ono a Hypnodomme? Did she use Hypnosis to win John Lennon back after they’d been separated for over a year? I’ll share the story this episode along with terrific new mind control fetish stories from robotbrainhumanheart [A Night in Yellow Bird Bar and Sessions] as well as softi [Playing With Fire], plus a director’s commentary on my latest hypno-animation, Proxy.

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New Animation: Proxy


Greetings everyone, I have a new animation for you tonight!

This animation has been done for a while but I had the worst block in trying to write it. I found that while I initially found the imagery very compelling. When it came time to create a story, my inspiration really had run dry.

Ultimately, I decided since the image wasn’t even the slightest bit explicit, and not really all that suggestive either, I’d go the other way with the caption and try to write something very erotic and decadent. That was the initial push that eventually led to Proxy.

Look out for my complete director’s commentary on the next episode of The Black Room podcast. I hope you enjoy and, as always, your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome!