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The Black Room – Episode 012


And, I’m back. Its been nearly a year since my unintended hiatus began but I’m very happy to be with you once again discussing the smexiest mind control goodies to be found anywhere. In this episode, I’ll talk about the terrific art of Sleepy Gimp, issue eleven of the tremendous CORE 3D comic, show where to find the best hypo-kink on Tumblr, fill you in on the Two Hyp Chicks podcast, and discuss my latest manip, Failsafe, as well as give you a preview on my upcoming mind control projects.

All this plus part two of my epic conversation with the brilliant erotic mind control fiction author Jukebox and his hypo-kinky companion the one, and only, Lady Ruetha!

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Topic Links:
Sleepy Gimp
CORE #11
Scarlettred912’s Not Official List of Hypnosis Stuff on Tumblr
Two Hyp Chicks Podcast

The Black Room – Episode 009


Are you watching Marvel’s new mind-control Netflix series? This episode, I’ll discuss Marvel’s Jessica Jones, bring you my fan commentary for CORE issue #9, discuss the excellent EroticHypnosisGIFs tumblr, and share part 2 of my epic conversation with mind control author and aficionado Madam Kistulot!

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Show Notes:
Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Erotic Hypnosis GIFs

Intake – New Animation

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Intake – New Animation

Welcome back dear reader. I’ve been away for a little while but have also managed to squeeze in some time to complete a new animation that I’m just dying to share with you all. Read on for my director’s commentary, but first please enjoy Intake.

The source material for this image comes from Gatsby’s Whore a tumblr featuring the sexual exploits of a woman named Daisy and her lover (the eponymous Gatsby). He’s also quite the shutterbug as there is an enormous number of quality photos of her; face carefully concealed from the camera.

This image was posted to their blog earlier this year and just immediately grabbed me with the strong composition and her lovely figure. I’m also a fiend for girls in heels, but we all know this. 😉

Anyhoo, I set to work on it immediately, knowing exactly what I wanted to bring to it visually. Whirling colors, endless spirals, and a techy-looking control panel to give some sense of infrastructure to the affair. I thought the image was so strong, I decided it didn’t need a caption. Satisfied, I dropped the finished piece in the “Complete” folder and left it there.

Which is odd because I don’t usually run much of a buffer in the way of work. When I finish something, I post it. But this one sat there for a week while my mind chewed on it. I realized that I really did want to add a caption, I just didn’t have any great ideas.

So, I went back to the project file created a text box and stared at for a bit. Then, I went back to that control panel and stared at that for a bit. I began to think about a row of these stalls with girls being brainwashed in each of them. The idea of an intake facility began to form in my mind. I started writing and the words just poured out. It was one of the quickest writing sessions I’ve ever had, in fact.

So, there you have it. Its an interesting case-study for the intuitive way I often work. Doing things without a specific plan, just leaving myself threads that I can return to if needed. Plodding along until I get to the finish line. In this case, I’m quite pleased with the results.

As always, your questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

Catching Up

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Catching Up

Hi all, hope all is well with you. I’m checking in today with a brief update that’s mostly geared towards getting my gallery here updated with all the new work I’ve done recently. I started actually posting to my tumblr blog a month or so ago and ended up being really motivated by the experience.

As a result, I turned out a surprising amount of work in a very short period of time. I’ve actually completed one more entry in the first four months of this year than I had all year in 2013. Or course, one of last year’s manips was a twenty-plus-minute video so…that may be a factor. In any case, the gallery is now stocked with all of the work I’ve done over at tumblr in addition to a brand new piece that I just finished!

Cultivate is inspired by all the best sci-fi mind control fiction that shows us what happens when pretty girls get too close to nefarious-flower-type-things. Its taken from a photo series featuring the lovely Justine Joli and has some of the best trance faces I’ve seen from her.

I’ve often talked about stealing facial expressions from one photo to use in another, but this pic was really a difficult proposition because I had so many great options. Here’s a pic of all the faces I had to choose from:


See? A lot of great choices there. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the manip(s). I’ve got so many things I hope to get to this year, hopefully my spare-time meter stays in the green long enough for me to get to all of them. Thanks and, as always, your questions, suggestions, and comments are welcome.