In the wake of my recent hack-attack, life got busy and I haven’t had a chance to post (which I was doing with some regularity there for a few weeks) and that makes me all grumpy-face, so I thought tonight I’d take action and rectify that situation right up.

I’m an avid comic reader. Got into them when I was a kid and have just grown to love the medium more and more as I’ve ‘grown up.’ Ironically, or inexorably, the very first comic I ever bought (Uncanny X-Men #226) featured a bit of business which, at the time, fascinated me for reasons I could not articulate. Looking back, I think it was tweaking my still-dormant mind-control fetish. Regardless something kept pulling me back to this page over and over.

Something about the idea of that mask fixed to her face, unable to remove it. The thought of what it might be doing to her… I don’t know…but it definitely did something for me.

Fast forward to 2011 and I’m currently reading the excellent revisionary old west series The Sixth Gun. I’ll try not to spoil anything in the hopes that you’ll pick up an issue and read it for yourself, but the long and short of it is that there are six guns that are sought after by all manner of deviant person.

The series protagonist, Becky, has recently been enjoying the attentions of a handsome gunfighter who comes to her aid when she and her colleagues come under a series of supernatural attacks. He spirits her away to save her from further harm… or perhaps because he’s got plans of his own and a shiny crystal hanging around his neck that helps him get his way.

The following issue opens with Becky still under his control, immobilized in an anonymous hotel room. However, she has a developing mental connection with her revolver, the titular sixth gun, which allows her to break free and go after Kirby.

The big problem, of course, with mind control is that once you’ve been put under, its a cinch to pull you back down; especially when your hypnotist is of the hunky, rogue variety. Kirby reveals he’s after the guns for a payday and that if Becky comes with him, he’ll cut her in for the profits. Becky wants to believe it, even though she knows better, then she finds out that what she really wants is another look at Kirby’s pretty crystal necklace…

Mind-control themes aside, its an excellent series and if you happen to be a comics reader, I emphatically recommend it you give it a read.

That’s all for now, new stuff is still in the works and I’ve got a television recommendation for next time, but that will have to wait till later in the week.

See you then.


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    Did we all not like them for there Non-sexual, sexuality?

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    I still remember fondly the early John Byrne She-Hulk comic where the Ring-Master hypnotizes her with his hat and then they have her painted pink skin color and being a strong woman in the circus. My adolescent mind did wonder who got to do the full body paint job . . .

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