Counting Down to the Premiere of Decisive Results


Welcome back faithful reader. Just checking in with a brief note to announce that my latest video, Decisive Results, will be premiering online next Monday, July 29th!

I also wanted to take a moment and thank all of the readers from the beta test group who helped out Tabico and myself with their great comments and feedback. I was really surprised by the volume of response to the post calling for testers and while we couldn’t include everyone, I’m happy to announce that you’ll all be able to check it out soon enough.

Tabico and I are both really anxious to share this with you all, Decisive Results has been in-development for a long time its really exciting to finally be this close to unveiling it. We’ll see you here next Monday!

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    Omg I’ve been waiting so long for more videos from you.

    Your work is quality.


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