New Manips and Snakes…why did it have to be snakes?

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Happy Monday everybody. After far too long (again) I’ve got some fresh material for you. Some new and interesting trends in this update. My first vampire pic, I know, I know: what self-respecting mc-fetishist doesn’t have some vampire material? I couldn’t believe it either. Anyway, check-mark next to that box.

At some point while working on some pics and sort of finding myself bored with the results I hit upon on the idea to do some animated manips. The idea sort of evolved through a few different stages, but I’m happy with the end result. When I started animating these particular images, I had no ideas for captions (which is probably why I thought they were a little bland in the first place), but after completing the animated versions: the inspiration, she found me again. Odd sometimes, the winding way we take to finally arrive somewhere.

In any case, I hope you enjoy these, I’ve got (alot) more on the way, keep your RSS scanners tuned for more info…

Two new pics added to the FD/MD Gallery:

One new image added to the Supernatural Gallery:

Three manips added to the brand new Animated Gallery:

Snake Charmed

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