Dunlop Medium Tortex

I love updates.

Its like playing the lottery. The anticipation as your never-fast-enough internet connection renders your favorite web page, isn’t far removed from furiously scratching at those small tickets with your lucky penny. The code solidifies, coalesces, and a moment later, if you’re lucky, its a winning ticket. A (dare I say it) plethora of new mc hotness to be downloaded and ogled.

Unless it happens to be this week’s update.

In which case its more like waking up to find a news crew on your lawn asking for your reaction to being your home state’s single wealthiest individual after you bought that single powerball ticket on a lark. This week’s update at the EMCSA is like that…except you still have to show up for work tomorrow. Analogy aside, this week’s update at the EMCSA is pretty much jackpot city. Behold my favs:

sara castle, this week, delivered on her solemn promise to me (actually the word she used was probably, but to a rabid fan like myself its pretty much the same thing) for a followup to her molten-hot Augmentation. This prequel installment winds the clock back to Jill and Saphron’s first assignment together and yields interesting contrast for the more developed relationship seen in the series’ first chapter. Oh…and its smokin’ hot. That too. Sara has the most devious imagination as evidenced by her creative (and by creative I mean smokin’ hot) use of Allyson’s psychic blades against “poor” Jill. Wondering what kind of oh-so-naughty mind control deviance one can get up to with a pair of psychic blades? Quench your curiosity and go find out. This one isn’t to be missed.

For the second time in as many months, I find myself in the enviable position of relaying to you the glorious event that is a new trilby else story. Taker is a whopping five-part opus full some of the most deviant stuff I’ve read in a good long while. Though its a bit like saying the sky is blue, its worth pointing out that trilby is a master of what I refer to has ‘headspace mc’. Witnessing the seduction, struggle, and inevitable enslavement of his characters from within their own thoughts reveals the depths of his tradecraft. Trilby’s ability to dramatize that internal struggle, to portray the waveforms as a character struggles against control, against themselves wanting that control is astounding. This tale is somewhat reminiscent of trilby’s earlier effort Inhuman, as is its particular flavor of deus ex machina. I, for one, welcome revisiting this material: its fertile ground indeed, and worth exploring again.

See you next week.

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