Weekly Pick

benmbedlam posted his first set of manips to the Collective at the beginning of May and has been steadily adding to his catalog ever since. His work is fanciful, sometimes playful, always erotic, always unique. He’s an artist that definitely knows his way around Photoshop and it shows his work. However, he’s also an artist who understands subtlety, indeed his wonderful piece Away with the Fairys will actively have you searching for the manipulation he’s so carefully layered in. Yet another promising new talent among the ranks of the Collective’s already accomplished roster.

Jasmine recently updated her already considerable catalog with five molten-hot new manips. Jasmine selects the most wonderful source images for her work: full of eroticism and innuendo. Expect to find yourself feeling tingly before you even start reading her amazing captions. But whatever you do, make sure you do read them for Jasmine is a true story teller, accomplishing in a few hundred words what many authors only wish they could do in several thousand. Her manips are tantalizing, erotic, and most of all hot-hot-hot-hot-hot. Mind control fetish fun at its finest (three times fast).

Hypme posted a big update at the end of May as well as a couple of new pieces this week. Normally, it wouldn’t bother me that she’s so productive, but the fact that her manips are so damn good in addition to the fact that she’s one of the most prolific manip artists around…well I suppose if you’re going to be jealous of anyone you couldn’t do much better than Hypme. Truly one of the greats in our community.

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