So I’m back. Where have I been you may ask? Good question. When I figure it out I’ll let you know. I wish I could just chalk it up to being busy, but truthfully I think I needed to take a break from things for a while. I needed to get focused again, find my ambition, my motivation, my passion, whatever you call it. Point is, I’m back now. Rehabilitated, reinvigorated, reassimilated, and soon to be relocated: to paraphrase a much cooler man than myself.

Updates are on their way, shouldn’t be long now. But until then, check out some of the fine work of these folks. It’ll be worth your time, I promise.


Several really strong updates at the EMCSA over the last few weeks. First up is the recent (and first) contribution by author Chrystal Wynd. Updated this week with its final chapter, Countermove is the tale of a headstrong erotic-female-wrestling star as she struggles with her selfish nature, destructive past, and seemingly inescapable enslavement at the hands of her greatest foe. If the premise seems kitschy, I assure you the writing is not. Between the fight-drama, the wanton mind control, and the constant erotic heat, Chrystal Wynd has crafted a wonderful and thoroughly engaging story.

Better sit down for this next one: thrall has a new story out this week! One of the finest authors in the scene is back with Queen Bee Becomes a Drone: a ridiculously hot tale of an internet-porn sensation who finds herself really getting into her submissive role during a photo shoot at a seductive and mysterious woman’s home. Thrall gives us a teasing glimpse into her process in the liner notes, and after looking up the two models she mentions, I had a wonderful time imagining what sort of things must have been rolling around in her head as she rendered this latest tale. If you find yourself getting all hot and bothered for mind control, latex, and fetish imagery right out of an Andrew Blake film, then don’t pass this one up.

Though avid readers of the MC Forum may have already seen this one, don’t pass up the chance to read (or re-read) Flibinite’s latest addition to the EMCSA. What’s in a Name? is full of the mind control, bondage, and molten girl-on-girl sex that we’ve all come to love from Jo. Revised and retooled for 2008, check this tale out and then do yourself a favor and do a search for “Flibinite” on either the Garden or the Forum. With Jo’s name in the search field, one has only to click a link to find another great piece of mc-fiction.

Sara Castle made several big contributions to a couple of her best series in recent weeks. Sara cut loose with a new chapter to her wonderful (and way hot) Augmentation, which continues the series’ trend by ping-ponging back into the past and picking up with an earlier adventure of Jill & Saphron: who are joined this time by Allyson and her yummy psychic blades (mmmm). Sara also posted the conclusion to her amazing epic A Touch of Frost. I’m not going to spoil the ending, but as someone who considers themselves a writer, I wish I had a fraction of sara’s imagination for final chapters. A perfect end for one the best tales in her catalog.


Lots of good stuff recently from ooae10, he’s been mentioned before here, but his work is always something I’m on the lookout for. Simple, elegant and the very definition of erotic heat: Check his stuff out.

Anaximanes recently de-lurked and posted some of his fantastic manip work. His stuff reveals a long history with photoshop and a great eye for layout and color. Lots of fx work and some great captions round out a welcome addition to the Collective’s roster. Hoping to see more form him soon.

TeraS put out a fantastic new series last week, based on the Mission: Impossible show. Tera always has a knack for finding the best source images and this update was no exception. Fun, creative, and full of the red-hot-flavor, that is the signature style of our resident Queen Succubi. Happy birthday devil woman.

That’s all folks. Check out these artists and authors and please, if you like their work, take a moment to drop them an email and let them know. When people don’t feel appreciated then end up on reality tv. Don’t let that happen to someone you love.

I’m out.

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