Pick of the Week

Welcome back everyone! I hope the week finds you all well. If you’ve got some mc site-seeing on the agenda this weekend, then let me recommend checking out some of these exotic locales:

Orpheus_sail has been posting to The Collective for a little over two weeks and already his work is showing great promise. Dramatic images, inventive writing, and strong technical polish leave orpheus a manip talent to keep your eye on.

Jord is no stranger to anyone who follows the Photo-manip scene. His (well earned) reputation precedes him in many online circles. His art is inventive, edgy, sometimes humorous, and always his own. You can tell by a thumbnail that you’re looking a Jord manip. His astounding technical polish and fearless sense of exploration are the hallmarks of one of the finest manip artists around. For those squick fans among us, his gallery at the Galaxy of Terror is not to be missed.

Both orpheus_sail and Jord have new work posted this week.

That’s it for this time. Remember, if you enjoy these artists’ work, let them know! Leave them some comments or drop them an email. See you next week.

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