Weekly PicksAn exceptional update at the EMCSA this weekend; loads and loads of good stuff. First up we have Lady K’s surrealist An Appointment to Keep. This tale of seduction and surrender hooks you from the opening paragraph, pulling you in with hints of what has already happened and what is about to. Imaginative and inspiring, this tale eschews the darker tones that I personally gravitate towards (most days at least) in favor of a warm and heartfelt resolution that nearly had me in tears (not kidding). Many authors describe control as a state of utter bliss, but very few manage to convey it in as profound a way as Laky K does here.

If she’ll forgive me the crude analogy, Flibinite is a bit like a bartender mixing a cocktail of superheroes, constriction, aromatic-eroticism, and mc that (like any correlating beverage) will put you on your backside, wondering what happened, and thrirsty for more. Ham-fisted simile aside, Button Pusher is filled with all the delightful trappings of Flibinite’s work; heat, humor, and a molten-hot supervillianess to tempt and torment her “poor” heroine. Jo leaves the door wide open for more fun so if we’re all very lucky this may be just the first in many installments to follow.

If you’re not reading thrall’s blog…well slap yourself for not reading her blog. Beyond that, one of the authors she’s been talking about lately is Jukebox who, I’m sorry to say, I’m not nearly as familiar with as I should be. So, taking her reccomendation, I checked out Jukedbox’s superb addition to this week’s update: Two Tickets to Paradise . I must say thrall (as usual) was right: Its a fantastic story; a simmering build of erotic heat full of mystery and molten possibilities. If you’re down with squick, you don’t want to pass this one up.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I’m prepping another post for this week with some work-in-progress stuff that I think you’ll enjoy. Until then…

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