Welcome back dear reader! I hope you’ll excuse the lack of updates over the past month, but October was an especially busy month in vanilla-life. As fun as that’s been, I’ve been anxious lately and eager to post something new. While work on the new video-manip continues, I decided to take a break this evening and whip up some new material.

In Guided Therapy, a wife in marriage counseling is surprised at how effective her young therapist’s treatment is. Check out the animation, then read on for my director’s commentary.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, I write captions after finding an image that inspires me into crafting a manip. Typically the stories I create are wholly inspired by the image they’re married to. However, today’s new entry is the exception to that workflow. In this case, I had roughed out a draft of this story nearly a year ago, but had no image to go with it.

Having the story fleshed out, but no image to attach it to at the time, I decided to just hang onto what I’d written and see if an image came along that seemed to fit what I’d already worked up.

Naturally, I then totally forgot about it.

That is until tonight. I’ve been working a lot lately on this super-spiffy new video manip, but have been feeling a bit antsy and eager to put out some new material. So, I decided to take a one-night break from the video work to copmlete a new piece of material. After digging into my folder of manip-candidates, I found a picture that caught my eye and set to work on the imagery.

Having completed that, I started typing up some ideas for the caption and started thinking that some of the threads I was following seemed awfully familiar…like maybe I’d written them before. I looked through the last few animated manips I’ve uploaded, thinking I was ripping off an idea from myself.

Quite suddenly, I was reunited with the memory of this caption I’d written all those months ago. Plowing through my work folder, I found the document, right where I’d left it, and with a few tweaks and added details, it dovetailed perfectly into the new animation I’d just finished.

So, while not my usual methodology, I’m pleased just the same to finally find a home for those words. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. As always, your questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

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