Yes, once again we are late with the new issue of Jette Jones. But only by a week this time! And the even better news is that we’re hard at work on #16 right now. As much as we jam packed in issue #14 we also had a lot to do in issue #15.

The story is going to be going some exciting places in the coming issues and all of these pieces need a foundation before we can build them up. Oh, and we’ve got make sure and build in as much hot-as-hell erotic mind control too! As you’ll see on the cover, this issue sees the return of an infamous Jette Jones villain. One who is renowned for using mind control to get her devious way!

Speaking of the cover, this one is our first with all AI-generated images. I’ve incorporated bits of AI generated stuff in previous issue covers but all the characters, the equipment and background environment for this cover were AI generated.

AI art gives me incredible freedom to create from my imagination but it has a very steep learning curve and a wholly different set of problems to my usual approach. I’ll probably do a blog entry just talking about the process of creating this cover as it was a really interesting journey.

But that’s for another time. For now, connie and I hope you enjoy the latest issue of Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger!

Hi everyone!

First, let me say, it all comes down to tacos.

Taco moments. That’s what Callidus and I call those times when we both have the exact same thought, are on the same wavelength. Which comes in pretty handy when you are writing together, believe me. For two people as outwardly different as we are, Callidus and I have A LOT of those taco moments.

I had never written in collaboration with anyone before, thinking it could never work, as stubborn and protective as I am about what I write. It took about 20 minutes to change my mind.

I knew of Callidus and his amazing manips, writing and artwork all the way back to 2015(!!) when he reviewed one of my stories on Episode #2 of The Black Room podcast, which was only the second I had posted on the EMSCA. Took another couple of years before we met and became friends. I don’t remember exactly how it came up, but he was telling me about a project he had rattling around in his brain about a retro sci-fi heroine named Jette Jones he had started to put together. He asked me if I’d mind reading his fairly extensive outlines (lovingly referred to as “the Jette bible”) and early story draft.

I loved it.

Now, I’m not a sci-fi geek, although I knew the basics – Star Trek (the Kirk ones), some Star Wars, Ray Bradbury, Blade Runner, etc. – and I was really excited. He knew exactly where he wanted to go with it, and I wanted to be on that ride.

That was 2 ½ years ago. Whoa!

And it has been more fun than I could have imagined. Easily the most fun I’ve ever had writing. But, beyond that, it’s because of WHO I’m writing with that has made it that way. Callidus has spoiled me. The dude is not only extremely talented, he’s just flat-out cool. In more than 140,000 words, we’ve never had an argument, rarely have opposing ideas about where to go. Sure, we disagree. But usually Cal lets me have my way. (Just kidding, kinda)

In fact, the writing has been split right down the middle. Maybe you’d be surprised who wrote some bit of sci-fi or sexiness. We each contribute to sections written primarily by the other and we just love getting both our hands all over the MC, the smut, the photon blasts and the occasional heart-tugging moments.

Jette’s our Captain Kirk, but with a badass ‘tude and a butt to die for. She’s by far the most enjoyable character I’ve ever laid my hands on. I hope you all have your favorites among “our girls” as Cal and I call them. We really love them, even when we mindfuck them. Often.

So for those of you out there who have been waiting patiently through our semi-hiatus – 2022 is best forgotten on many levels – fear not: Jette Jones and her intrepid crew are in for a rockin’ 2023. We’ve already mapped out big chunks of not only our upcoming fifth adventure but also our sixth, which should take us roughly through 20 issues of C&C Comics and most of 2023.

As Jette might say, “We have a plan.”

We hope you enjoy and thank you!


Greetings dear reader connie k and myself are delighted to inform you that the March issue is finally out! Yes, we know. It’s nearly May. Sometimes life happens. A lot.

In any case, we’re finally here and delighted to be sharing the final chapter of our current Jette Jones story: The Rock of Epsilon. This issue was quite challenging in a number of ways. As sometimes happens when we get to the final chapter of a story we realize we’ve got a bunch of threads to tie up. This issue had that and then some.

This issue was also challenging because it needed to set up some things for our next couple of stories. So, in some ways it had to pull double duty. Anyway, the long and short of it is that writing and editing this one just wasn’t as quick a process as we’d hoped.

But, it’s finally done and the good news is that the next issue is all tied up as well. So, you won’t have to wait long at all for that one. Thanks, as always, from connie and myself and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Aaaaaannnnnnnd… we’re back! And very happy to be resuming our current Jette story! Things are getting more complicated as our heroes find themselves in the center of a plot growing ever tighter. The challenges they face now will affect them in ways they can’t begin to imagine. Check out our latest issue of Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger and be ready for the epic conclusion that will be following!

Thanks, from connie and I, for reading and, as always, your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome!

Hey all!

I know, I know… it’s been a bit. Well there’s always a good news/bad news dynamic when that happens. The bad news? Pretty much every project I was working on got put on hold for two or three months due to some mass quantities of vanilla work that had to take priority.

The good news? It’s over! And no one is more happy about that than I am. The last couple months of 2022 are just a blur to me at this point. So, now that things have settled down into a semblance of my normal workload, I’ve been getting back to fun stuff.

Which is, of course, why I’ve called you all here today. So, let’s see where things are at, shall we?

Jette Jones #13

I handed my draft off to connie k this week and now she’s going to work her magic on it. I feel almost certain we’ll have that out later this month and since I’ve written about 50% of Jette #14, I’m also confident that one will follow in a timely fashion as well. Lots and lots of surprises coming for our intrepid crew in these next two issues. You don’t wanna miss these!

Working Holiday

Lily and Samantha’s next outing was sooooo close to being done just before I got busy. You’d think that would be easy to pick back up now. However… I’ve had ideas in the interim. Not necessarily a major change of the plot or anything (not like the infamous Act II from Compliance and Submission) more like… I’ve thought of a thematic thing that I think would work really well but it’s gonna require retouching a fair bit of the material to set it up, develop it and pay it off in the end.

I’m not sure I’m definitely doing it yet. I still need to mull it over and think about how it works for this story and future stories. But… I’m interested enough to hold off on putting out Working Holiday until I decide one way or the other. The good news, that story is really, REALLY close to complete so whichever way it goes I should be able to finish up relatively quickly.

Decisive Results Sequel

As most of you probably know by now my dear friend and collaborator, Tabico, is going through some really unfortunate circumstances at the moment. In her blog post, detailing the situation, she leaves the door open for a return to our community but acknowledges that she doesn’t know if that will happen. 

I certainly hope she does. But, more than that, I want her to be happy and to live the best version of her life that she can. And that might not include being a part of the EMC scene any more. So, all we, her friends and fans, can do is wish her the best and give her space and time to heal.

As for the Decisive Results sequel she and I had been working on, I made the decision early on to continue with it. She and I had worked the script into pretty good shape before her circumstances changed. So I feel like the project focus had already shifted to the editing and animation of our story. As such, I’m going to continue the work and keep my fingers crossed that we see an update from her one of these days letting us all know she’s happy and healthy.


I’ve got a few other things I could talk about. There’s a Breadcrumbs follow up I’ve got kicking around in my head. There’s a specific image I know I want to execute and I’ve been whittling away at here and there but I’m still sorting it out. I’ve collected some images that might work their way into a sequel to Doctor Sondergaard. I’ve always said I’d love to revisit that setting and those characters. I’ve got a few photos collected and some ideas in the early stages of development.

I’ve also been playing around with AI art lately and that’s opened a number of new avenues that might lend themselves to erotic storytelling. Honestly, it might open an entirely new direction for my work and this site. It feels like the last six months have been quite revolutionary in this field. I’m following things in that realm very closely and thinking, often, of where it may lead. I don’t have any definitive plans, yet, but I feel I will definitely be incorporating this tool into my process in the future.

And that’s about it for now. I suppose the point of this post is that everything is still coming, just a bit slower than I’d hoped. I appreciate everyone who has been and remains interested in my work and I look forward to doing some more of it in the coming year!

As always, your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Welcome back friends!

I’m very happy to (finally) be posting the second part of our current Jette Jones story. It’s been up on The Archive for several weeks but my time has been so taxed recently that I’m only now finishing up a cover to post with it here.

This issue’s cover (and probably the next couple as well) has benefited tremendously from an amazing art exhibit that translated the gynoids of famed illustrator Hajime Sorayama into flawless chrome statues. I had no idea such a thing had occurred when we began writing this story and I hadn’t really thought of a strategy for how the robot women would be rendered. So, we were extremely lucky that the source material existed to describe the character’s we’d already written about.

At one point, I had considered using one of the more popular AI text-to-image generators to create our robot women. But most of the high quality engines forbid the use of words like “sexy” and “erotic” so I knew that might make the process difficult. On the other hand, creating a woman wearing a set of work coveralls is no issue at all. So, when it came time to create Riffa, I used an AI generated image as the base photo and then did a head replacement and applied some of my usual tweaks.

So this cover also marks my first foray into using AI generated art in my manip work. It’s a field I’m following very closely and I think it will only grow in value as a tool for visual storytelling. We’ll see what other goodies it will help me create in the future.

That’s it for now, thank you for reading and, as always, connie and I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions!

Welcome back dear reader!

It’s been quite a busy year but that hasn’t stopped me from being entirely unproductive. A while back, I decided that I wanted to put together an update like the old days. Back when I’d post a handful of manips at a time. That was quite fun and I’ve gotten out of that habit over the years as I became focused on creating more complex one-off projects.

Most of these images have been sitting in my Source Material folder for years so I’m especially happy to finally be putting them into use. I hope you enjoy them!

In other project news, I’m hard at work on the next Lily and Samantha story, Working Holiday, and I’m hoping to start releasing chapters from that soon. I’m also still banging away on the Decisive Results sequel and making good progress. It will be 2023, at the earliest, before that one is complete but it is firmly on the horizon.

Thank you all and, as always, your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome!





Welcome back friends!

We’re so happy to be back with a new issue of Jette! Part of the fun of this issue is a chance to focus a bit more on Epsilon. She’s wonderfully fun to write and connie and I have wanted to explore her backstory a bit more. So, it’s terrific to have a story that affords that opportunity.

Also, it’s terrific to finally see Epsilon on a cover! She’s the only member of the crew that hasn’t been depicted prior so it was a wonderful challenge to bring her to life. I’ve been working on the body for quite a while, bringing her matrix to life as I’d always imagined it. Connie’s excellent suggestion was to cast adult performer Stoya as the face of our beloved living computer.

We hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you next issue!

Welcome back friends!
We’re a few days late (again) but the final installment of The Draining Terror is live! In this issue, Jette and Riesga are pushed to their limit as they fight to rescue their crew mates and defeat the immortal vampire that has enthralled them. Our brave Star Rangers have never been put to the test like this!

Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger #10 is live now!

We had such a fun time developing this story and we’re so thrilled to finally have all three parts released! Thank you to everyone who’s been reading and taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Just a quick reminder that this is the last of our monthly Jette Jones issues. Connie and I have decided to change up our release cycle in the coming year and I think we’ve settled on writing a story to completion and then releasing week by week. In any case, more Jette Jones is coming and we’ll let you know when to look out for it!

Until next time, your questions, comments and suggestion are welcome!

Welcome back all!

Well here we are at the end of 2021… and how the hell did that happen so quickly?! I’ve got a few updates I wanted to drop before we ring in the new year so let’s get started!

Jette Jones #10

So, it’s December 31 and Jette is not quite ready to launch. As with last month, I’ve been extremely busy with work stuff in addition to the holidays and all that entails. I just wasn’t able to get my work completed and handed off to connie soon enough to make our deadline.

So, the bad news is issue #10 of Jette Jones will be arriving early next week. The good news, connie and I are super excited about what we’ve put together! We’re really eager to share this installment with all of you!

In light of this being the second consecutive delay to our monthly series, this might be a good place to go ahead and talk about some changes connie and I will be making next year. The main thing that we’re going to be moving away from is the monthly release cycle.

It was a fun idea and the pace kept us energized through the course of our first three stories but starting in 2022 we’re going to releasing the Jette stories in a more casual fashion.

I’m not sure yet if that means we’ll do something every other month or if we’ll just write a story and then, once it’s done, release a chapter a week. Connie and I are still batting around ideas on that front.

What we’ve agreed on is that we’re both ready to ease off the throttle a bit so we can keep on enjoying our time writing Jette while still leaving enough room in our lives to work on our solo projects too.

Having said all that, we’ve been brainstorming like mad recently and we’ve got so many fun ideas that we’re eager to explore. We hope you all are as excited as we are to see more Jette Jones adventures in the new year!

And speaking of which, let’s talk a bit about what happened this past year and what I’m planning on for 2022!

Behind the scenes of 2021

A lot has happened this year for me and this site. Finally starting up the long gestating Jette Jones series, putting out my second solo story on the Archive and releasing my first eBook! This year has taken me in a lot of new directions.

Those are things you know about. But I’ve also been plugging away at some projects behind the scenes. So, I thought we’d talk about a few those briefly.

Decisive Results Sequel

First up, the Decisive Results sequel. I’m happy to report that my first draft of the script is complete and that is in Tabico’s hands now for her to look over and work up ideas for the 2nd draft. I’ve already completed one finished shot for the video and I’ve gathered a host of great material to work into our story. I’ve also been doing some tests with a few pieces of software that are going to allow me to assemble this video much faster than the first.

Once the script is finished, work on the video will begin and then we’ll be tweaking and polishing. I don’t know if this project will get released next year but I’d very much like for that to be the case. We’ll just have to see how things go once they get going.


Given the cliffhanger ending this story left us with, it’s probably not a big surprise that I often get asked when it’s going to continue. The answer is soon (I hope). I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to do with the story moving forward but I’ve been on the hunt off and on all year for some photo and video material to bring certain moments to life.

There’s one in particular that I’ve been focused on recently. I’m very keen to see one of the fiendish Minders in a future update and I’ve been gathering assets and experimenting with how I’m going to pull off this devious device of mind control… deviousness.

The point is that more is coming next year!

Lily and Samantha

I’ve completed my first draft of the next Lily and Samantha story. It’s been on the shelf for a couple months now waiting for me to go back and give a read with fresh eyes. I’ve already got some ideas about where I’ll take things in the second draft. This story is my top priority for 2022!

Well, I think that will do it for now. Thanks for your continued support and readership. I appreciate every one of you and look forward to sharing new erotic mind control goodies with you in 2022!

Have a terrific and safe holiday and I’ll see you all next year!