Welcome back dear readers! As promised, we’re back this evening with the second installment of the new sexy space opera series from myself and connie k. Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger #02 is live now in the gallery for your enjoyment!

In issue #01 we had a lot of heavy lifting to do. We had a lot of characters to introduce and a whole galaxy of places and organizations to set up. We always described the sexy side of issue #01 as a tease. A taste of things to come.

Well get your taste buds ready because we’re done teasing! Issue #02 was pure joy for us to work on as we got to have action, drama and really turned up the heat on the erotic mind control.

Welcome back friends! I’ve certainly been busy lately and, happily, it’s with projects brimming with spicy mind control erotica! So let’s talk about them and I’ll catch you up on what’s going on now and what’s coming in the future.

Jette Jones #02

The second issue of Jette Jones is coming next week! The story is really starting to ramp up this time around. Whereas issue #01 teased you with respect to mind control, action and sexy-fun-time, issue #02 delivers the goods on all those and more!

There’s quite a bit more happening this time around too. Last issue we had to spend some time setting up the world all this takes place in. Now we can really move full speed ahead with this adventure our heroes find themselves in. And issue #02 is slightly longer than our first!

Our workflow has settled into a comfortable rhythm with this second installment. We do four passes on the text, two each, starting with connie and finishing with me. I’ve just received connie’s final revisions so it’s down to me to make the last few tweaks and then… it’s finished!

At least the text is. I’m still working on the cover for issue #02 but it’s probably about 80% finished at this point; mostly just tweaking and polishing are needed now. Though I have been looking at pictures of nude women doing research this evening to see if I can find suitable pics to show off a new character that is introduced this issue.

Speaking of characters, let me ask a question. Would you be interested in a bit more photoshop work to accompany these stories? I’ve been thinking about adding some extras at the end of each installment. This might be a profile sheet with some photoshop art of the character and some background info. Or maybe a bit of the ‘concept art’ that I’ve mentioned previously.

The point is the images probably wouldn’t relate directly to the story but would help paint a broader picture of the world of Jette Jones. If it’s something people want to see, there might just be enough time to include the first goodie when Issue #02 drops next Wednesday evening!

Also coming next week is issue #01…again! This time, we’ll be posting to The Archive and I think that’s going to be our habit moving forward: Each issue will debut on my site and then a month later on the EMCSA.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and sent notes. We’re both delighted to hear you enjoyed issue #01. We are really looking forward to showing what’s in store over the next three issues and beyond! Connie and I are very, very excited about Jette and her adventures. We thank each and every one of you for coming along with us!

The Neighbors

I’ve had this photo stashed for years and years. It’s just one of those pics that caught my eye immediately. I knew that I could something with it but it’s taken years for me to finally have the spark to start writing it. I’ve always had a vague notion of using the large wall as a screen. The speaker mounted near the ceiling also seems like something that could be put to nefarious mind control purposes.

But, as you know, I like to have a bit of story to go along with these things. So, about a month ago, I just decided to do some manipulation (and animation) work on the photo to prime my imagination and see what came out. I did indeed create some very large video screens for the walls, I added some sound waves coming off the speaker to convey a thumping subliminal-laden music track adding to the fun. I even had a bit of fun animating the two models so they are actually bumping-and-grinding while all this is going on.

And, then I had an idea and I started writing. Something about a woman in a massage parlor hearing a strange sound through the wall and getting curious about what the neighbors in the suite next door are up to.

I wrote about two thousand words and… it wasn’t great. There were ideas in there that I did like but the conclusion was not very good at all. So, I scraped the second half and just concentrated on the stuff that I was happy with. Namely this woman, Kelle, and her masseuse, Adrianna, hearing a strange sound from the neighbors and then… well we’ll see won’t we?

I’m north of four thousand words on this new pass and I feel like this is around the halfway point. It’s a bit of a slow burn with lots of erotic undertones, then there’s a pretty fun cliffhanger kind of beat that signals the mind control has begun! And that’s where I’m going to pick up again when I go back to it later this week.

Brooke is a Pleasure Unit

Do you know Brooke? She’s the lovely face and obedient robot mind behind findingmywayforever. If you follow her socials you’ll occasionally see her fake “Brooke” persona activate long enough to wish her followers a good morning or post some workout pics or the like.

But, obviously, that’s just the subroutine that is used to hide her true nature. Brooke-bot is a completely subjected, helplessly obedient drone who follows commands and looks wonderful doing it 😉

Which is to say, Brooke has quite a kink for mind control. Also, she’s quite generous about lending her photos and videos to artists in the community to have their way with her… so to speak 😉

She graciously sent me some pics and videos years ago which ended up being this sexy little clip. Which was very fun and so afterward we both began talking about another project to collaborate on. To make a long story short, we settled on something that would involve Brooke brainwashing herself with masturbation and a laptop… to the infamous pleasure unit scene from Our Man Flint.

So, I’ve been working on that lately. I’ve got the initial edit complete, everything is in the timeline. What I’m working on at the moment is tweaking the timing of each segment so everything flows smoothly. From there I’ll move onto doing my usual fx work and animation.

Brooke is very anxious to see this one finally finished up so it’s near the top of my priority list as far as new content goes. It’s always been my policy to keep the brainwashed thralls in my life happy… and brainwashed.

Speaking of which…

Decisive Results 2

Tabico and I have finished going around on the treatment and getting all of our ideas incorporated into the story. With that done, we have officially moved on to writing the script! I put the first words to paper earlier this week, in fact.

When this step is finished, we’ll have a complete blueprint of the sequel to Decisive Results. From there, we’ll make some changes and tweaks, no doubt, before finalizing said script. Once that’s done, I will begin assembling the video clips and various animation segments that we’ll be using to tell this story.

We have a great premise, I think, and an opportunity for even more erotic mind control and shadowy criminal conspiracies than the first time around. We’ll also be telling a larger chunk of the story in video segments this time. I’m very excited to be working on this, it feels like it’s going to be a very fun bit of business once it’s complete.

I’ll keep you posted as I continue to make progress and we’ll see how it comes together as the year rolls on.

And that’s it for me this time! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to drop in next Wednesday evening, April 21st, for the second installment of Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger!

As I have said before, I love-love-love retro space opera and sci-fi. The high-adventure, quasi-fantasy tales of characters like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and John Carter have become a cornerstone of my pop-culture sensibilities.

One reason is the charm of fiction written about space travel before any actual space travel had ever occurred. It’s endlessly fascinating to me. Another reason is that mind control is all over that genre, especially the later works during the 1950s. I first came to appreciate these things because they were highly inspirational to Star Wars, but as I’ve grown older I’ve come to love them all on their own.

And so, as those of you who follow this blog will know, years ago I found some material that I thought would be suitable to put my own spin on a mind control tale set in this genre. But a lot has happened since then. I’ll tell you all about it but first you should probably go and read the debut issue of our new monthly series Captain Jette Jones, Star Ranger!

Welcome back friends! I know it’s been quiet here lately but, as some of you no doubt realize, that’s because I’ve been working on new stuff. Big stuff. Big new stuff that’s coming soon. How soon? Very soon.

I’m terribly excited to tell you that a project I’ve had in the works for years is finally coming to fruition. I’m going to leave a bit to the imagination but here’s some details to whet your appetite:

This new project is going to be an ongoing series. The plan right now is to post a new “issue” every month, comic book style. This series is based on one of my Projects and it won’t take you long to figure out which.

This will be a mixed media series, meaning there will be some photoshopped imagery that goes along with it but, by and large, it will be an ongoing text-based story. Unless… we figure out some other way of producing images to go with the words (does this come off like a hint? ‘Cause it’s meant to be a hint).

What do I mean by ‘we?’ Well, I’m working on this in collaboration with another author and good friend, the inimitable connie k! We first spoke about it last summer and have been hard work for several months writing and building out all the details for this new adventure.

And what an adventure it’s going to be. Plus lesbian mind control. And adventure. You could almost call it an adventure… in lesbian mind control.

New issues will debut here on my site first and then several weeks later, without the photoshopped fun, on The Archive. And the first issue? Is coming this week!

Prepare to blast off Wednesday evening!

We’ll look forward to seeing you back here then.

All the best,

Welcome back friends!

Well, this year and all the struggle that it represents for nearly every one of us is almost over. As the last days of 2020 tick away, I’ve been keeping busy with a few things and I thought I’d share my progress with you this evening.

Decisive Results Sequel

This past week or two I’ve been working on the treatment for the follow up to Decisive Results. At this point, Tabico and I have talked through the story as an outline and we have all the major beats figured out. The treatment is a second pass that goes into more detail for what’s happening in each scene moment to moment.

Once that’s finished and we make tweaks, we’ll be ready to move on to the actual script. Once that’s done, we’re officially making a sequel!

Right now, the main thing I’m focused on is pacing and trying to make sure that the story flows smoothly and the twists and turns land with the audience. I’m feeling good about where we are and excited to work on this more next year.

Compliance and Acquisition Follow Up

As I’ve said in email correspondence, I’m thinking about another outing with Lily and Samantha. The reaction to Compliance and Acquisition was very gratifying and the fact that people have asked about seeing more adventures with these characters even more so.

I’ve done quite a bit of brainstorming the past couple weeks. I’ve cooked up a few outlines and done loads and loads of plotting; just thinking about where things can go and what will happen with these two fun characters.

At this point, I’m trying to make a decision on where to take things. I’ve got two pretty solid outlines that are very different from one another. One is very complex and full of intrigue and twists. The other is more simple and the twists and turns have to do with the characters more so than the things happening to them.

One has very high stakes that affect a lot of lives and the other affects just Lily and Samantha. One is all about picking up with the events that happen after C&A and the other doesn’t rely too much on C&A for its setup.

And… I’m having trouble deciding which one I want to work on.

I’m of two minds on the subject. On the one hand, I’m very keen to tell an exciting story with a lot of plot threads and twists. On the other, there’s something in me that really wants to write something a little bit more simple for the next tale.

I feel like I can do the simple story before the complex one but not the other way round. If that doesn’t quite make sense let me explain…

If I do the complex story next, that establishes a pattern that stories with Lily and Samantha are always high stakes, big intrigue thrillers. But, if I do a more character driven, suspenseful drama then I feel like I’m establishing a pattern that Lily and Samantha stories can be anything.

Maybe that’s overthinking it but I know that I, as a reader, develop those expectations sometimes.

So, I’ve not made a decision yet. Although as I write this I find myself thinking that what I really want to do is write both. And, more specifically, I want to write both in a way that both stories are really effective. And, perhaps, that suggests which one needs to happen first.

So, we’ll see. I’m actually itching to finish writing this and get back to plotting so I’m gonna speed through the rest of this update!

Helping Hand: New Animation!

Yes, as the intrepid among you already know, I’ve got a new animation in the gallery! A very fun little piece based on a superb photo that I came across on either tumblr or bdsmlr months ago.

Already built into the source image is this fascinating contrast: Two women, bound and gagged sitting in chairs back to back. One struggles with her bonds, the other looks placidly off-camera. It was such a delicious bit of drama that I knew I had to do something with it.

The animation was very quick. The source photo was so good I didn’t really have to do much with it. I spent a bit of time writing the story that goes along with it. Trying to find something fun that seems to setup the big moment and payoff this terrific source image.

If you haven’t already, I hope you enjoy Helping Hand!

Thanks for reading and, as always, your comments questions and suggestions are welcome!

Two notes before we begin. First: spoilers lie ahead! I’d recommend reading Compliance and Acquisition to completion before proceeding. Second, I’ve been swamped this past week so if I owe you email, please be patient just a big longer!

All set?

“You big softy!”

So said Tabico, after she’d finished the advance copy of the story I’d sent her.

She’s right of course. But things didn’t start out that way. When I sat down to write the story that eventually became Compliance and Acquisition, I had three goals in mind and a happy ending sure as shit wasn’t one of them!

First, I wanted to write a story that dealt with a duo who faced off against an evil mind controller. I envisioned a Dom/sub couple whose relationship would be tested to the limit by the the events they experienced.

Secondly, I wanted to write a thriller. Something that would hold the reader’s attention with suspense, dramatic anxiety and the shameless use of cliffhangers. As I’ve said elsewhere, SoVeryFascinated’s Kat and Mouse was constantly on my mind in this regard and I wanted to attempt to tap into his excellent use of tension and release.

And, finally I wanted to end with a heart wrenching twist. The couple would triumph over the corporate plot that drove the narrative… only to lose each other as the Domme left her lover to submit to the evil hypnotist they’d encountered during the course of the story.

So, armed with this plan I sat down to write and we all know how it turned out. Just ask Tabico.

I can’t tell you exactly why it didn’t work out other than to say that I just couldn’t write the ending I’d originally conceived of. I couldn’t write a conclusion where my two lead characters didn’t end up together, happy and free. Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with Lily and Samantha.

Because I’m a big softy.

But, I did have a bit of fun trying to have it both ways with that final piece of misdirection. I really wasn’t sure how the redemption twist was going to play with readers. I worried that perhaps I’d end up causing plot twist fatigue or some such. However, it seems to have gone over well so I guess I got away with it.

It’s startling to realize how much time has passed since all this started. The first work on this (back when it was going to be a caption for a photo manip) began way back in 2017. I think somewhere around late 2018 or early 2019, I’d let go of that plan and allowed myself to start writing outside the confines of the original Pleasure Professionals concept.

When I read Kat and Mouse last summer it really galvanized my resolve to write a proper erotic thriller. The only problem was I didn’t quite know how. So, I decided to learn.

I had been gifted a Masterclass subscription the previous holiday season and I put it to good use during the summer of 2019. I watched and re-watched every lecture I could find from authors and writers. I especially benefited from the insight of mystery & thriller authors like Dan Brown and David Baldacci. Hearing them break down their craft paid immediate dividends for me as I continued plotting my own story.

All through the fall I was making progress, writing thousands of words each week. Then, I got busy with something and set it down for a couple weeks. When I came back I decided to read everything I’d put down at that point. I thought it’d be a good chance to see the story with fresh eyes.

It was a really good idea. Because it sucked. Big time.

I’m being a tad hyperbolic, chapters 1-4 were largely the same as they are now. But act two went in a wildly different direction. So different that it actually felt like Lily and Samantha had left their story and entered a different one. And the new story was a remake of Willy Wonka’s Freakout Boat Ride. Directed by David Lynch.

I was paralyzed with not knowing what to do. I felt like I’d used up every good idea I was ever going to have just to reach that point. I knew that I was gonna have to throw a bunch of it away to get things fixed and I just didn’t have the energy to do it. I gave up, set it aside and didn’t really give much thought to whether I’d ever pick it up again.

And, then one night earlier this year connie k and I were chatting, having one of our epic conversations, and she asked about the story. How was it coming along? I confessed that it had stalled and I’d written myself into a corner with it.

I could dig back through the IM history and figure out exactly what was said but I’m lazy so I’ll paraphrase it thusly: (connie slaps Callidus across the back of the head) “That was a good idea, you should finish it!”

And so I dug it out and read it again. Yup, it still sucked. But, I did have one idea that I thought was worthwhile. I thought that it would be a shame not to see Agent Lily return at some point during the story. I mentioned this to Madam Kistulot during a conversation with her shortly thereafter. We bounced some ideas around and out of that came the notion that Agent Lily would go on a real mission. To get the evidence to clear Samantha’s name.

That was the single drop that broke open the flood gates. Working that angle unlocked other ideas until I was back to writing thousands of words per week on this new angle. I stopped and re-read what I’d done. I didn’t hate it so I kept going.

Eventually I got to the ending… and we all know how that worked out.

It took time. I’d say the better part of five months this year was spent writing and rewriting until I reached a point where I could recognize that the story wasn’t going to get any better. All I could do was polish a phrase here or there. But the story itself was done.

I sent some emails to some people and told them what I’d done and offered to let them take a peak. I incorporated some of the feedback and then, one night, I realized that I was ready to send it Simon. I fired off the first two chapters on a Friday and was pleasantly surprised to see the story go up the following day.

As someone who has harbored the aspiration to write a proper short story, it was a pretty neat feeling seeing it on The Archive like all those wonderful tales that I’d read back in the day. The ones that got me so hopelessly kinked. Great, great fun.

Speaking of fun, Vanderbilt and I have been trading emails of late. He, correctly, has picked up on my love for 90s thriller cinema. Movies like Rising Sun, Disclosure and Basic Instinct were, no doubt, in the back of my mind as I worked on Compliance and Acquisition.

He suggested a really fun list of how C&A might have been cast with the actresses of the day, had it been a lesbian erotica contemporary of those films.

Helena Bonham Carter as Tiffany. Demi Moore as either Samantha or Beth. Uma Thurman or Winona Ryder as Lily. Personally, I like Demi Moore for Beth. I suggested Jeanne Triplehorn for Samantha though I wouldn’t turn down Sigourney Weaver if she were interested 😉

And speaking of casting!

Last time I teased that I had, in fact, cast the story in my mind during the writing and I’d share some of that with you next time. Well, it’s “next time” so here we go:

Given that the story began as a caption for a photo, I suppose it will come as no surprise that Samantha and Tiffany are Samantha Bentley and Tiffany Doll from the Pleasure Professionals shoot that inspired this whole thing.

Beth, I’d imagined as Isabel Ice during one of her blonde phases. I didn’t really care for the name “Isabel” for the character so I tried “Bella” for a bit then settled on Beth. ‘Vish I thought should be a bit younger, closer to Lily’s age, and so Angel Constance came to mind.

As for Lily herself? Well, ever since I was a young man who saw Return of the Living Dead, I’ve been a sucker for redheads with short hair. Thusly, our heroine Lily was cast as the one, the only, Lily Cade.

That’s not to say that things didn’t shift around a bit over the years I was working on this. At one point, I decided (for reasons I can’t quite remember now) that Samantha should be a good deal older than Lily. Closer to 47 than the 37 she’s presented as in the final version.

During that phase, I began thinking about Madeline St Michaels for Samantha. In fact, I whipped up an image of her and Lily Cade together when I was still mulling over whether or not to attempt any manip work to accompany the story.

At some point, I changed my mind and went back to Samantha for Samantha. Though I did still make her a handful of years older than Lily.

Some of the other photoshop work that I abandoned included an image of the moment that Agent Lily briefly held Samantha at gun point during chapter one.

I suppose it’s worth saying that the primary reason I decided not to pursue any photo or video work with this story is that it was just too complicated. Most of the “cast” have never worked together. I haven’t been able to find any shared photo layouts or video shoots featuring Samantha Bentley and Lily Cade for example.

I could’ve recast Lily as someone else that had worked with Samantha Bentley but then that new model might not have shared any work with the actress portraying Beth. So then I’d have to find two new models.

That’s the limitation of manip work. I can do an awful lot with photoshop but the end result is only as good as the source material. Sure, I could photoshop Lily Cade so she was standing beside Samantha Bentley in a photograph and sandwich that between a couple paragraphs of text.

But I don’t think it would’ve been all that good.

Not nearly as good as what your imagination conjured as you were reading. And speaking of your imagination, I’d love to hear what your casting choices might have been. How did you see the main characters? Did my cast of adult models and performers line up with what you saw in your mind’s eye? I’d love to hear all about it.

Thanks everyone who read Compliance and Acquisition. Thanks, especially, to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with me.

As always, your comments questions and suggestions are welcome.

I’ll see you all next time!

It does seem strange to think that this is the first. But, in fifteen years of writing captions to go with my photos and videos, I’ve never written anything that feels (to me) like a complete narrative. But, that all changed this past weekend with my first ever entry on The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive.

The first two chapters are up now and the next two have already been mailed off to Simon for inclusion in this week’s update. Please go give it a read and by all means let me know what you think! I’m very curious how people respond to my words without the customary images that normally go with them.

Casting Characters

As I was browsing the MCforum, I spotted this really interesting thread about casting actors and adult performers in stories that you’re writing or reading. Its a really timely topic for me, personally, as I did exactly that with this story.

Since it originated as a photo manip idea, Pleasure Professionals, I had always thought of certain characters as the adult performers in the pics. Other characters that got added later were also, at least in my mind, based on other adult models and performers.

I suppose it’s somewhat second nature for me to do that sort thing, given that I’m almost always working from visual media. But I found it really helped my process to have such a clear idea of the what the characters looked like and how they might sound or behave.

Its very neat to see authors and readers talking about doing the same thing.

I’ll be back with more insight next week after the next couple of chapters are posted to The Archive. Do let me know what you think if you’ve had an opportunity to give it a read!

Greetings dear reader!

As usual, I know it has been a spell since I’ve written here. Partially, that’s been because I’ve been quite busy as of late. But, also, because I have a few things that have been coalescing and I wanted to hold off on speaking with you until I had some news to share. And now I do!

Decisive Sequel

First, to follow up on something I teased you with a few months ago, Tabico and I have started trading emails relating to the sequel for Decisive Results. It’s very early right now, there’s an outline for the story that we are discussing.

I’ve been gathering assets for this project for quite a while. If things go the way I hope they do, we will actually be able to tell even more of the story in video this time around. Having said that, I have been having fun recently creating an updated version of the mysterious Ms R’s Spartan OS desktop that will be making a return. It’s been fun imagining how that fictitious software would have evolved the way our real world equivalents have in the time since.

Mostly, I’ve been contemplating how to speed up the creation of those desktop animation sequences. Those were, by far, the most time consuming parts of Decisive Results. I think I have formulated some strategies that will allow me to execute those bits of this new story in a fraction of the time. Hopefully, that will translate to a much more rapid journey from written script to finished video.


I am continuing to work on the next installment of Breadcrumbs. I wrote a complete outline for that story sometime ago but, recently, I’ve located some really fun and tantalizing images and video that might work their way in. So, right now I’m just pouring over those things and trying to think of how and where they might fit into the overall story I laid out for myself. Stay tuned on that, I’m looking forward to sharing more of that adventure!

Pleasure Professionals

Lastly, after years in development I’m very happy to announce that The project I have, until now, been referring to as Pleasure Professionals is complete… kinda.

This is going to be somewhat of a long story and I will hold off on telling it in it’s entirety for a future post. What it boils down to is this: I originally set out to write a fun story around a very fun image that I had in my stash. I worked up something like five or six drafts of that story but was just never able to go anywhere with it.

But, along the way, I collected enough pieces of ideas and characters that I just couldn’t abandon it entirely. I eventually sat down with a blank page and started from scratch, this time, with a new goal. I let go of the image that had inspired the story to begin with and set myself free to write whatever I wanted to. Without any consideration for how, or even if, the manipulated photos and videos I typically create would work into the story.

And I wrote, and wrote and wrote. And, I didn’t finish writing until about thirty minutes ago. It’s finished. And, it’s something I’ve never created before: an honest to goodness erotic mind control short story. Complete with a beginning, middle and end as well as characters, subplots and a fair amount of suspense. I guess, technically since it’s more than 36,000 words, it could be considered a novella.

The title is Compliance and Acquisition and the synopsis goes a little something like this:

A young submissive personal assistant helps her mistress navigate an insidious corporate conspiracy.

I’m very pleased with the end result. It has challenged me like nothing else in recent memory. However it is eventually received I will always be proud that it represents the absolute bleeding edge of my talent and ability at this point.

But, as I think about how it will be received it’s a sort of bittersweet feeling. For the past fifteen years, my focus has been creating erotic mind control art. And, for more than a decade now this website has been the gallery through which I’ve shared my creations. Now, I have created something that I think is much more suited to the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive than my own site.

For sometime now, I’ve had the ambition to write some thing that I felt was worth sending to Simon to be posted on The Archive. I’m definitely going to have the story posted there. As for posting it here, on my own site, I’m still giving it some thought.

There are some technical challenges that would be involved. Without getting too far into the weeds, the back end of my website is very bespoke at this point and it’s been designed around creating my more traditional short works with captioned photos and videos. Doing long-form, multi-chapter fare like this new story is going to require a bit of retooling.

I know that many of you are going to be delighted to read something like this from me. I also know that some of you are going to be disappointed that it’s not going to have my usual erotic visual creations to accompany it. Other than a possible “book cover” kind of image.

Truth be told, I’m a bit disappointed myself. I think, throughout the process, I quietly told myself that when I got to the end I’d be able to find someway to pull in images and make them work. But, now that it’s finished I see that I really have no way of doing that without those images doing a disservice to the story. The key moments, the erotic moments… I simply don’t have photos to bring those moments to life. Ultimately, anything I could craft would feel like an afterthought. Manipulations tacked on at the end to make the story conform to my typical style of work.

And, I guess it just boils down to… I don’t want to do that.

So, with those caveats out of the way, I’m very happy to announce that the first couple chapters of Compliance and Acquisition will be on their way to Simon just as soon as I can get them formatted and emailed!

Here We Go Again… Again

I also want to say that i’ve got plenty of other irons in the fire right now. Juicy, sultry and, most definitely, visual irons. 😉

Although I didn’t make any noise about this, for the past five months I’ve been living under the shadow of losing my employment (again). In fact, I was informed earlier this year that this week was going to be my last at work. Happily, I have dodged that bullet again.

And so, I am making up for lost time. I am very eager to get some new stuff posted here between now and the end of the year. Thank you for reading and for all your years of support! I’ll see you all again soon.


Yes, you read that right. I’m trying something a bit new this time.

Welcome back dear readers!

I have got a few balls in the air right now but this series is one I’ve been tinkering on, quietly, for a little while now and rather than make you all wait until I was finished to read the whole torrid affair… I thought I’d try my hand at an EMCSA style rollout.

So, today is part 1 of a story I’ll be adding to in the future. I’m not sure what the schedule for future parts will be just yet but I have the whole tale mapped out so it will mostly come down to how quickly I can create images to go with the words.

Speaking of trying new things, this story is my very first foray into the venerable hive-infiltration genre of EMC fiction! That seems impossible given that I love those stories as much as I do and yet I’ve only hinted at that in my own work exactly once prior.

The eagle-eyed among you might be able to recall, or track down, the previous manip I’m hinting at. If so… congratulations it now has become part of the canon of this new story and also hints at the events we’ll see in future updates.

I’ve had tremendous fun putting this together. I mean brainwashing gasmasks… what’s not to love? In any case, I’ll look forward to rolling out updates to this story as my work progresses and I’ll certainly be interested to see what you all think of it.

Thanks for reading and, as always, your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!


A team of highly-trained women try to regroup after their incursion into the hive goes horribly wrong.

Hi all!

Just checking in with the briefest of notes to let you all know I’ve just posted a new photo story to the Gallery!

A very short and sweet job this time. Fun black-and-white photo and a spicy bit of prose to go with it. A very fun (and unexpected) diversion for me this evening and I hope you as well!

See you next time!

Yes What?

A Domme deals with a first-time client who has difficulty giving up control.