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Catching Up With Callidus – May 2017

Posted on: May 25, 2017

Well its been another month without an update. Dammit. The problem isn’t lack of effort so much as lack of completion. I’ve been whittling away on a few things but have nothing to show for it…yet. So, I thought I’d post a little something so you don’t think I’m slipping back into the abyss of…


The Black Room – Episode 012

Posted on: April 7, 2017

I’m back and very happy to be with you once again discussing the smexiest mind control goodies to be found anywhere! In this episode: the terrific art of Sleepy Gimp, CORE #11, where to find the best hypo-kink on Tumblr, and the excellent Two Hyp Chicks podcast. Plus I’ll discuss my latest manip, Failsafe, and my upcoming mind control projects. All this plus part two of my epic conversation with the brilliant author Jukebox and his hypo-kinky companion the one, and only, Lady Ruetha!

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Sketches to My Future Self

Posted on: July 4, 2015

I’m going to talk about this a bit more in the next episode of The Black Room podcast, but I wanted to share a quick note teasing a new piece I’ve started work on. I have a serious backlog of “potential material.” Now, the pessimists among you would call that “having a huge collection of…