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Callidus in South ParkI’m artist with a passion for the mind control fetish. After discovering the works of early image-manip artists like Wildrose, William Lee, and PrivatePages I began collecting images of women who I imagined being mesmerized, hypnotized, and brainwashed. Inspired by ‘The Big Four’ of erotic mind control fiction (trilby else, Tabico, Sara H, and thrall), I began writing captions for these images. In 2005 I released the first handful of my photo-manips on the Hypnopics Collective forum. In 2007 I created this website and began to incorporate animation and video into my manip work.

Hopeless perfectionist, recovering work-a-holic, and confirmed fetishist. This site is a chronicle of my work and thoughts for all things erotic mind control.

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    joshua barnett

    I was surfing and stumbled onto your website. I think i have looked at every picture, and every second of video. I 100 percent love your work. But it made a strange question pop into my head. I was wondering what your commission rates are like? Also is request work even done anymore?

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