The Black Room Podcast

Episode 022
May 21, 2021

The Black Room returns! In our first episode of 2021, we are discussing: CG artist GingeSlut357, the Mind Block Wiki, Read Only Mind ROM, a new EMC story site, The Kat Came Back from SoVeryFascinated, CORE 14 & 15 from Uzobono and Tabico.

Then, Madam Kistulot will update us on what’s happening with her new published releases and Callidus talks about his recent projects and offers an inside look at his first piece of EMC fiction, Compliance & Acquisition!

Episode 022 Show Notes
Topic 1: 00:01:00

Madam Kistulot Links

Madam Kistulot's SiteStories on The ArchiveTwitterPatreon
Topic 2: 00:01:01

Callidus Links

TwitterStories on The Archive
Topic 3: 00:03:28

CG artist GingeSlut357’s techno focused art featuring brainwashing, medical fetish and much more.

Hypno HubHentai FoundryTwitterExtreme Ghostbusters Commission
Topic 4: 00:11:54

The Mind Block Wiki, A collection of mind control scenes in fiction!

Topic 5: 00:18:52

ROM-Read Only Mind, a new mind control fiction site with modern features and design.

Topic 6: 00:26:03

Discussion of The Kat Came Back by SoVeryFascinated

Topic 7: 01:01:05

Uzobono’s recent works and discussion of CORE 14 and 15!

Uzobono on Deviant ArtUzobono on PatreonTabico's Site
Topic 8: 01:24:42

We answer the world famous CORE 15 Questionnaire!

The Questionnaire
Topic 9: 01:42:08

Madam Kistulot shares some excellent news on White Out by Modren

Modren's Site
Topic 10: 02:00:39

Recent Projects from Madam Kistulot

Ink Slick PreambleInk Soaked Penumbra Volume 1
Topic 11: 02:08:22

Recent Projects from Callidus

Jette Jones #01Jette Jones #02
Topic 12: 02:27:29

Callidus discusses Compliance and Acquisition, his first piece of erotic mind control fiction on The Archive.

Compliance and Acquisition
Episode 021
October 29, 2019

We spend this entire episode interviewing one of our favorite artists ever: the legendary and prolific Poser artist Uzobono! We chat about her tremendous erotic mind control comics The Division as well as her ongoing comic-collaboration with Tabico: CORE!

Note that the audio version of the show has been truncated slightly. Due to some technical problems, two of Uzobono’s answers are very difficult to make out so they’ve been cut from the audio file. The YouTube video has the full interview with all the chat transcribed. Just turn on subtitles to read along through those difficult-to-understand sections.

Episode 021 Show Notes
Topic 13: 00:04:23

Uzobono’s Links

Uzobono on Deviant Art Uzobono on Patreon
Topic 14: 01:06:27

Tabico’s Blog

Tabico Secret Files
Episode 020
April 11, 2019

The Black Room returns! The unintentional hiatus is over and we are back and bringing you our favorite discoveries from the erotic mind control fetish community!

Episode 020 Show Notes
Topic 15: 00:02:31

Recent EMC Fiction from Doctor D. and MoldedMind

It Rings For Thee Doctor D on Twitter Doctor D Ko-Fi Dazzled MoldedMind Patreon
Topic 16: 00:021:21

We answer the CORE Questionnaire for issue number 13 and share our thoughts on Uzobono’s futa-themed new comic, Black Helix.

Black Helix by Uzobono CORE Questionnaire for issue #13
Topic 17: 00:57:55

The curious (but delightful) mind control YouTube channel of Serna Erickson

Serena Erikson
Topic 18: 01:03:31

Madam Kistulot discusses her current and upcoming projects!

Madam Kistulot Madam Kistulot's Book on Amazon Madam Kistulot on The Archive
Topic 19: 01:22:08

Madam Kistulot shares her experience attending Charmed 2019!

Topic 20: 01:28:25

We share a rundown of the hypno/mind control themed conventions coming up in 2019!

NEEHU HEaRT of Texas Beguiled Deepmind Darkwood MindQuake
Topic 21: 01:32:32

We share 11 alternatives to Tumblr and discuss our favorites.

11 Tumblr Alternatives That Still Allow Adult Content bdsmlr Cumblr 2mblr
Topic 22: 02:27:53

Callidus discusses his latest photo story and divulges some details on several upcoming projects including a new collaboration with the lovely Brooke aka FindingMyWayForever!

Neighborly Brooke on Tumblr Brooke on Patreon
Episode 019
July 5, 2018

On this big-gulp-sized episode of The Black Room podcast, we spend the entire show talking with Hypnotist and video-mastermind Lex Lucas. Lex has been entrancing pretty girls at Entrancement UK and Hypnodolls for years so we have loads to talk about in this funny and insightful conversation!

Episode 019 Show Notes
Topic 23: 00:02:06

Interview with Lex Lucas

Entrancement Hypnodolls Tumblr Entrancment YouTube @Entrancement_UK
Episode 018
June 20, 2018

The Black Room returns with new treats from the world of erotic mind control. This episode, we discuss recent updates from author Sammynona, the conclusion of the epic EMC Hive tale Yew, and The Oblivion Glove, a terrific new 3D comic from Dollmistress. Plus, we discuss a clip from the Mexican drama The Untamed that features the most compelling and realistic depiction of tentacle sex we’ve ever seen.

Then, we have “Ten Questions For…” Daphne! The maven of Mind Control Theatre, Mind Control Comics, and countless torrid tales from The Archive answers our questions about how to make terrific mind control porn.

Episode 018 Show Notes
Topic 24: 00:04:21

Updates from Sammynona

Topic 25: 00:07:58

The third and final part of Yew, the epic EMC Hive tale from Valasania the Pale

Topic 26: 00:09:05

The Oblivion Glove, 3D comic by Dollmistress

Topic 27: 00:11:27

The unexpected and amazing tentacle porn scene in The Untamed (2016)

Topic 28: 00:20:03

Ten Questions For… Daphne!

Mind Control Theatre Mind Control Comics Daphne at The EMCSA
Episode 017
May 28, 2018

The Black Room returns to share all the erotic mind control fun you’ve been missing! This episode, we discuss the erotic photo-stories of Seperatedsubmissiveness, the hypnotic hijinks of Daphne and Velma as imagined by artist Sakura-Rose12, and the return of both Daphne and Eye of Serpent to The EMCSA!

Then, we settle in for an exclusive interview with one of the communities most prolific and skilled artists. The multi-talented and thoroughly entertaining CantFindaDecentAlias! CFADA chats about his work, his influences, and his insight into the fetish that is erotic mind control. You don’t want to miss this enthralling conversation!

Episode 017 Show Notes
Topic 29: 00:02:37

Eye of Serpent returns to The Archive, over nine years after her previous story, with By Another Name!

Topic 30: 00:05:39

Clinical Coercion and Mirror, Mirror Vol 1 from the tumblr of Seperatedsubmissiveness

Topic 31: 00:09:02

Velma & Daphne – Cult of Cyber Unity by Sakura-Rose12

Topic 32: 00:12:35

Daphne returns to The Archive with her first story in over nine years, Indiscretion! Also check out her sites Mind Control Theater and Mind Control Comics. The Lost Weekend Trailer

Topic 33: 00:22:25

Exclusive interview with CantFindaDecentAlias! Check out CFADA on tumblr and, of course, Patreon!

Episode 016
May 10, 2018

The Black Room has returned to deliver the tastiest goodies in erotic mind control. This episode, Madam Kistulot and Callidus discuss three excellent additions recently posted to The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive, the amazing news that Eye of Serpent has posted new material, and discuss our own recent projects: In A Hot Second and Green Thoughts.

Episode 016 Show Notes
Topic 34: 00:03:30

News – Uzobono’s solo comic The Division: Aria of the Hive #8 is due on May 11, 2018. Eye of Serpent has posted new material! Did it have anything to do with us?! The Garden Discord server is hosting Saturday Night Chats to discuss the latest stories posted to The Archive.

Topic 35: 00:16:31

Yew by Valasania the Pale

Topic 36: 00:25:31

Canary by Chelicerate

Topic 37: 00:33:11

Returned by connie k

Topic 38: 00:40:01

By Another Name by Eye of Serpent

Topic 39: 00:46:41

Madam Kistulot discusses, in-depth, the influences, ideas, and insights behind her recent superhero-themed tale In A Hot Second. Then, she chats a bit about her new naughty eBook: Mommy’s Piano Lessons available on both Smashwords and Amazon!

Topic 40: 01:14:58

Callidus gives a behind-the-scenes look at how his recent Green Thoughts manip series was put together and talks about some of the Photoshop and animation techniques that went into it.

Episode 015
March 22, 2018

The Black Room returns to our regularly-scheduled program with Madam Kistulot along, once again. This time we discuss the excellent, mind-control-laden Hentai Manga Don’t Meddle in My Daughter!, continue our deep dive on the amazing erotic fiction by Eye of Serpent, and discuss why proper attribution is so important for derivative artists in EMC fetish community.

Episode 015 Show Notes
Topic 41: 00:02:48

Madam Kistulot has created a Discord server for The Garden of MC erotic mind control fetish community

Garden of MC on Discord
Topic 42: 00:09:12

ウチのムスメに手を出すな!Don’t Meddle in My Daughter! is a Hentai Manga featuring oodles of erotic mind control spread across seventeen chapters of super heroine action, fun, and porn.

Don't Meddle in My Daughter!
Topic 43: 00:42:40

Continuing our deep dive into Eye of Serpent’s erotic mind control fiction by concluding our discussion on the First Cycle of The Ancients: Needle Dance: Mr James all the way through Ecstasy and Secrets.

Eye of Serpent
Topic 44: 01:52:37

Discussing why proper attribution of the original photographers and models is so important to artists within the erotic mind control fetish community.

Episode 14
March 7, 2018

On this episode of The Black Room podcast I’m joined once again by my friend, the prolific author thrall aka A. Regina Cantatis! This show will feature our in-depth discussion of the film Annihilation starring Natalie Portman. We’ll share our thoughts on the movie as well as the trilogy of mind-control-laced novels that inspired it.

Episode 14 Show Notes
Topic 45: 00:03:05

In-depth discussion of the film Annihilation as well as the Southern Reach trilogy of novels that it is based on.

thrall aka A. Regina Cantatis
Episode 013
February 17, 2018

We’re back, emphasis on “we!” I’m joined, once again, by the magnificent Madam Kistulot to discuss a host of erotic mind control goodies. We’ll take a look at some delicious artwork by both Sleepymaid and Mute Alice; highlight the audio and written smut of Ally Brinken; discuss issue 12 of Tabico and Uzobono’s amazing CORE comic and bring you part one of an on-going discussion into the amazing and formative fiction of the venerable EMC author Eye of Serpent!

Episode 013 Show Notes
Topic 46: 00:03:15

Sleepymaid – Victorian-era Mind Control

Victorian Spiral Machine
Topic 47: 00:11:32

Ally Brinken’s erotic stories and audio files

Ally Brinken Its a Kind of Magic
Topic 48: 00:20:27

The art of Mute Alice

Mute Alice on Deviant Art Outfit Malfunction
Topic 49: 00:28:49

CORE 3D Comic – Issue #12

CORE #12 Uzobono on Deviant Art Tabico's Blog
Topic 50: 01:07:50

Deep dive – The amazing erotic fiction of Eye of Serpent

Eye of Serpent's Fiction - Corelle D'Amber Arc