The Black Room Podcast

Episode 018
June 20, 2018

The Black Room returns with new treats from the world of erotic mind control. This episode, we discuss recent updates from author Sammynona, the conclusion of the epic EMC Hive tale Yew, and The Oblivion Glove, a terrific new 3D comic from Dollmistress. Plus, we discuss a clip from the Mexican drama The Untamed that features the most compelling and realistic depiction of tentacle sex we’ve ever seen.

Then, we have “Ten Questions For…” Daphne! The maven of Mind Control Theatre, Mind Control Comics, and countless torrid tales from The Archive answers our questions about how to make terrific mind control porn.


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    Failure is the forge in which success is smithed. With passion that is pure, the vision will become art in practice. These podcasts are enjoyable and entertaining. I fear it is a refuge in which you are pacifying your passions. Your talents are wide and deep. I wait anxiously for you to refocus your vision and achieve that which you really wanted. Do not allow failure to cool you passions, let it set fire to them in sheer defiant madness. Trust that your talents and passion will lead your vision into reality. Never give up, never surrender. So many believe in you if not vocal in that support.

    Daphne Rosen is one of my all time favorite performers. If not my absolute favorite next to Nina Hartley. Her career, life and talents deserve many accolades beyond the Adult Entertainment aspects.

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