Green Thoughts

Misha fights the Doctor's programming, but is she already more brainwashed than she realizes?
Published on March 26, 2018
 - Featuring Kayla Green , Misha Cross
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Misha moaned into the lace underwear gagging her mouth. Her stomach clenched rhythmically as her body spasmed through an eternity of near-orgasm. Her arms and legs flexed in the leather bands attached to the table as her hips thrust and clenched in the slick wetness beneath her ass. The devices reprogramming her mind noted her reaction and added the coinciding audio-visual presentation to the growing array of stimulation she’d proven weakest at resisting.

Misha pleaded under the visor and headphones as the software denied her orgasm and continued her indoctrination.

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The lights of room were cold and white as the visor was pulled away from Misha’s eyes. Not at all like the warm, green light she’d been swimming in for…however long she’d been here. Under the goggles, she had been diving in an endless, jade hallucination. She was always floating down. Down to the bottom of a deep, deep pool. At the bottom was a truth that would change Misha forever.

In the beginning, she’d been angry and terrified…the same thing really…and had fought every word, sound, and sensation with all her will. But, in time, she discovered she quite liked the sensations. Which might be why she didn’t mind the words and sounds as much now.

There was a voice speaking to her and it took her a moment to realize it wasn’t coming from inside her head.

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It was Her. The blonde woman in the lab coat. It was open and she was nude underneath. Her skin was flush. Misha wondered if she’d been touching herself. The older woman had never given her name or any other way to identify herself, so Misha had settled on thinking of her as “Doctor Green.” She was the woman who’d plunged Misha’s mind into the warm green pool that licked her every nerve ending as if they were, plump taught nipples straining for-

Misha hissed as she felt a hand glide over her sex. “Mmmmm you’re soaked dear.” Misha’s body vibrated at the touch as the most delicious ache flooded through her. It was true. Her slick folds offered no resistance as her sopping pussy invited Doctor Green’s fingers deeper.

With her other hand, the blonde took hold of the panties she’d pulled off and shoved between Misha’s teeth during their last interlude.

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Doctor Green pulled her panties from Misha’s mouth, “Mmmmm how did I taste dear? Was as I creamy as you are?” She smiled as her fingers curled up and found new places inside Misha’s pussy to stroke and tease. Misha fought to keep her breathing even and her voice steady, “Let me go.”

The Doctor chuckled and pouted, “I believed you, the first few times you said it. But now…” She leaned close, fixing Misha with fearsome, hungry eyes, “…now I don’t think that’s what you want at all. Now you’re just saying it out of habit.” Misha shook her head and moaned as her treacherous hips thrust up, trying to find even more fingers to feed her drooling sex.

“Its a very bad habit dear, saying things you don’t really mean. Would you like me to break you of your bad habit?” Misha was panting as the Doctor’s fingers teased her, “You’re fucking crazy you b-”

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Doctor Green cut her off, pushing a nipple into Misha’s mouth and shushing her like a child. “Hush dear. Your mind has already soaked up so many more…useful things to do with your mouth.” Misha fought for air as the blonde’s ample breast pressed over her nose and mouth. She had a random thought about a woman in an old movie begging to be choked during sex on a conference room table. Something about the lack of oxygen intensifying the pleasure.

Her hips never stopped thrusting onto Doctor Green’s hand.

“Now,” the Doctor said in a sing-song voice, “I want you to think only Green Thoughts. And, tell me all the Green Thoughts you have about…nipples.”

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The words released a torrent in Misha’s mind the way the smell of old clothes instantly conjures long-forgotten memories. Between her own thoughts, she could now feel gelatinous bubbles squirming their way through the folds of her brain, like heavy, oily breasts slipping through eager hands.

The bubbles were filled with misha’s Green Thoughts. They floated and swirled in a haze within each globule. At the Doctor’s command they began to pop, one after another, releasing new truths that blotted out her own thoughts like fog over a lake.

She thought about nipples.

Nipples were hard, throbbing, lumps of delicious suck-twist-lick-pull-bite-chain-pierce-tongue-leash-clamp-squeeze-punish-worship-

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Misha howled and strained in her bonds, pushing forward to suck Doctor Green’s nipple into her mouth. Fire danced in the blonde’s eyes as she held Misha’s head firmly to the table. The Doctor watched intently as the younger woman gasped and fought to reclaim the nipple with her lips. Her tongue flailed out of her mouth, stretching to flick the swollen tip of her captor’s breast.

“Bite me!” the blonde hissed, pushing the nipple firmly back into her mouth. Misha clamped down gently, drawing it between her teeth and lashing at it with her tongue. “Harder!” the Doctor rasped and gave Misha’s pussy a crisp slap. Misha bit down reflexively, whining with the nipple between her teeth, then bit down harder as her clit burned with the sting of the Doctor’s fingers a second time.

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Misha bit until she was sure she’d drawn blood, then she kept biting until she was worried she’d chew the flesh off. All the while, Doctor Green shrieked and moaned, pulling her breast away and drawing the nipple taut in Misha’s white teeth. Then, the blonde barked sharply four times and began to convulse as she orgasmed.

Misha knew the smell of the Doctor’s cunt well. It had filled her nose and mouth from the sodden panties she’d been gagged with. She salivated to smell it now and felt fresh wetness under her ass when her pussy gushed a new flood of juice in response.

The Doctor curled her fingers firmly against Misha’s tight flesh and fucked her without mercy. Misha tugged at the leather straps and wailed into the blonde’s breast as her own pussy began to sizzle with lust.

The Doctor harshly whispered something that made no sense to Misha’s brain. But, suddenly, every muscle in her body locked tightly as an orgasm that could melt glass erupted just behind the spasming mound of flesh under the Doctor’s palm. Misha howled like an animal for as long as her lungs would allow it; the echo dying slowly on the tiled floor beneath her.

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As the cacophony in her brain slowly subsided, Misha was aware of movement beside her. Doctor Green had retrieved the headphones and VR goggles from the nearby table. Misha’s mind sluggishly recoiled but her pussy only clenched.

The Doctor studied her dull, unfocused eyes and smiled. “Do you want me to let you go dear?” Misha trembled and her mouth quivered as she tried to form the words, “I…can’t decide.” The Doctor’s smile widened, “I believe you dear. So, I’m going to decide for you. You won’t have to worry about decisions ever again. All you need do is obey the Green Thoughts I’ve left in your head.”

The world went dark as the visor was pressed onto Misha’s face. A moment later the headphones were placed over her ears. They were already whispering to her.

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Misha felt the air move as the Doctor strode past and a moment later, the green whirlpool opened in front of her eyes and pulled her mind back into its depths. The pleasure-conditioning software used everything it knew about Misha’s turn-ons and weaknesses as it set about the task of creating an addiction within her to serve and obey the Doctor. Very soon, she was smelling her own sex in the air of the laboratory.

Misha continued to pull against leather straps, but she was no longer trying to escape.

Director's Commentary

Although I have a number of other projects I’ve been working on, this image set was so good it instantly moved everything else down the list. I was fortunate to find a variety of images from this series. That gave me some terrific inspiration on what would happen during this brief story and flesh out those beats.

Its also noteworthy that its been long enough since I’ve done a manip featuring a brainwashing visor that I’m no longer having to touch up ski goggles as a stand in for a VR headset. Now that the age of virtual reality has actually arrived, I can just go find photos of a VR headset. Ah, what an age we live in.


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    Jock Pseudonym

    Can you upload the VR headsets screen we can see on the laptop? It looks almost as hot as the series.

  • avatar


    For some reason this isn’t showing up under “all manips” on the desktop version of your site.

  • avatar


    Amazing as always! Great job, and thank you!

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    I second Jock’s request. I would love to see your actual brainwashing visuals in any format. And not just for this manip but for all of them. If there is a way to pay you for it I would be happy to do so!

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    Thomas J Teters

    Great set, when does the X-rated movie come out? I’ve been really into Erotic Hypnosis for about 2 years now and the BEST hypnosis video, for Brainwashing I’ve seen is A Seed of a Captivating Idea-16-03-15… it’s on Porn hub. Thank you for all your efforts in producing these ‘stories+’. They are fun, sexy and unique. Think cosmic !!

  • avatar


    So hot! This is amazing

  • avatar


    Great stuff as always! I do agree with the consensus above that seeing the brainwash screens would be cool (although I have no idea how much extra work that would involve).

  • avatar


    Simply fantastic ! I agree with the others that seeing what Misha is seeing would be wonderful. The green words of the story are wonderful too.A seed oof a captivating idea is great to watch also,

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