A company's new compliance training software helps the senior officers accept some drastic changes
Published on November 29, 2017
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“But you’re the Senior Compliance Officer Amanda, its your job to make sure all employees are educated on the company’s new…direction.” Kendra was smiling as she said it, finger hovering over her smartphone. Amanda couldn’t tear her eyes from the new training software she’d written but in the periphery of her vision she could see the brunette watching her, hungrily. Kendra’s finger stabbed the screen and the vibrating eggs buried inside Amanda scrambled her brain all over again. She howled and tapped “Send” on the email she’d been composing, between spasms, to the junior Veep of HR.

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The soft beep was a welcome distraction for Karen. She happily turned away from dealing with next month’s schedule and checked the email from Amanda. Hmm more compliance training. Didn’t they just do that last quarter? It didn’t look like it was required for all personnel. “Probably some new management policies they’re trying to get everyone up to speed on.” She mused.

Karen clicked the link and was directed to submit her info to the updated training software. It informed her that the software would be taking control of her system while the training was administered. It was important that nothing distract her from the compliance training. It would demand her complete focus. Karen switched off her phone, tapped the “Agree” prompt, then clicked a large button labeled ‘SUBMIT.’

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Ivy was struggling to hold on. The transition animations in the new training software were dizzying. In fact, if she really focused on them, it triggered something like a wave of vertigo that seemed to rush through her brain and left her wobbly and disoriented. This couldn’t be right. She went to send Amanda an IM… Too late, she forgot the training software had assumed control over her computer. The software recognized that she’d been trying to exit and an on-screen alert scolded her: “It is important to stay focused during your training. You must give all your attention to the training.”

She groaned and clicked the large ‘ACCEPT’ icon for each prompt. Then the software informed her “Restarting your training beginning with: Module One.” Ivy whimpered. “No… please do I have-“ The training software warped backward through each module and section she’d completed so far. The gyrating animation left her arms feeling numb and her head leaden and wobbly atop her shoulders. She tried to relax her eyes, not focus on the spiraling graphics that were drumming inside her head. She let the training software take control.

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Magdalene groaned and pinched her forehead between her eyes. It was already after 4pm and the new compliance training wasn’t even halfway finished with her. Even with her eyes closed she could see it flashing and swirling through her eyelids. The video and animations were far more lively than the usual corporate-themed stuff. She wanted to blame her splitting headache on it but the truth, strangely, was that the her head only hurt when she wasn’t watching.

She finally surrendered and opened up her eyes again. Instantly, the headache began to back off. She sighed and felt a pleasant wave of  warmth trickle out the bottom of her skull and into her breasts. It helped that she actually liked the thrumming background music. It almost reminded her of a club track from her college days. That pounding, pulsing, relentless tempo that would drive a whole building full of eager, horny girls into thrusting back and forth against each other in perfect, helpless sync…

Magdalene opened another button on her shirt and gave her throbbing nipples a pinch through the fabric as she completed her training.

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Brie’s fingers kept her eyes peeled open, not giving her mind a single moment of respite as the compliance software trained her. Her hands had stopped obeying her hours ago, well after quitting time. She was salaried so 5pm wasn’t the same escape for her as most of the employees. She’d stayed to complete the compliance training and now there would be no escape for her at all.

There was no one left in this wing of the building to hear her moaning and begging as the training software melted her thoughts into a slick puddle beneath her ass. Brie considered, for the first time, that she was going to lose. She would remain trapped in her own body until the software was finished reprogramming her thoughts. That scared her. But what terrified her was that the same thought triggered the most powerful orgasm she’d every experienced just a moment later…

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Laura howled and quaked in the chair as her arm flexed and strained to give her fingers better access to the quivering folds of her sex. The training software tirelessly hammered away at her will as she jilled off and barked the mantras she was commanded to repeat. Hearing the defeated, desperate arousal in her own voice was like earning a tongue in her ass: a new sizzling pleasure that joined both her hands as they all worked to keep Laura helpless on the edge and unable to resist the commands she was addicting herself to.

The small part of Laura’s mind that hadn’t already lost to the compulsion to masturbate with her fist was fixated on her tablet. She’d been a goooooood, obedient girl and switched off her phone when the compliance software had instructed to do so. But her tablet was still powered up and she could use voice commands to get a message to Claudia. The CEO needed to know what was happening; needed to know that her company’s officers were being enslaved one by one; needed to know how perfect it felt when Laura pressed her other hand firmly into-

‘Shit! Get a hold of yourself,’ she fumed inwardly. Trying to keep her voice even between her panting, Laura called out to her tablet: “I’m resisting compliance. I’m trying to call for help.” She gasped as she heard her own voice betray herself. There was a moment of cold terror as she realized, “Its too late. Its already got me!”

The compliance software notified her that she’d need to repeat Module Seven: “Breaking Your Own Resistance.” Laura mewled and nodded, remembering how wonderful it had felt the first time. Following the software’s prompt she began to repeat the words that had already been permanently seared into her mind: “I’m helpless to disobey. I don’t even want to disobey. Not when obeying feels better then masturbation…”

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Claudia moaned weakly as she came again around the glass dildo. She tried to pull it free once again only to cry in joy as she failed and pushed it back inside. Her eager cunt sucked at the toy as she pumped it in and out of her clenching sex. This was all Kendra’s doing. Claudia had heard whispers that her Senior Vice President was making moves behind the scenes. Forging alliances with other company officers and consolidating her own power within the company.

Claudia’s company.

Now, Claudia was masturbating herself over the edge again and again as she fantasized about offering the business to Kendra…along with her tongue, and face, and any other part of her body Kendra might want to grind her pussy on. Claudia slapped her clit sharply, over and over until the pain sizzled into white-hot pleasure and she bucked helplessly in the chair again.

Now, her only hope was…Hope. Claudia had worked with the IT wiz-kid to set up a little insurance policy. Just in case Kendra was diabolical enough to plant drugs in her car or try some other scheme to get Claudia out of the way long enough to organize a vote against her. She’d permitted Hope to work from home to keep her clear of anything that might happen in the building.

As long as Hope carried out her instructions, everything would be fine.

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Hope screamed hoarsely as the vibrating wand tied between her legs set her off again. She thrust her sex onto a giant dong as the brainwashing software melted a bit more of her core personality. She’d tried to carry out Ms. Adkins’ instructions but she’d decided to get a jump on the new compliance training Amanda had emailed her…

By the time she realized the danger, she was no longer working for Ms Adkins.

Obediently, Hope had called into work and reported to Kendra while she worked her clit with her other hand. Horny and denied, she had no secrets from the Senior Vice President. She confessed that she was Ms Adkins’ insurance policy and told Kendra everything she needed to know in order to break the CEO’s gambit. Revealing the secret was the most perfect masturbation she’d ever experienced.

After the phone call she’d unlocked her door then headed back downstairs for more brainwashing. Kendra and Amanda had arrived later. They’d brought rope…and toys. They’d tied the toys to Hope and then tied Hope to her chair. Hope loved the feeling of being helplessly impaled by the ohmygod-sized cock that Kendra had stuck to the chair, before pushing her down on it.

The new program Amanda had loaded onto Hope’s machine was different than the training software that was currently converting the company’s senior management into Kendra’s personal harem. Without the need for subterfuge, the software could take over Hope’s mind much more quickly and MUCH more completely.

Kendra sucked at Hope’s neck eliciting a wanton groan from the young woman. “I’ll send someone to collect you later,” she purred, “I’m off to put a collar and leash on Claudia.” Hope whined and shook in the chair trying to stretch the rope enough to give herself a good and thorough fucking on the black sex toy inside her. “Please!,” she husked, “Please, I wanna cum!”

Kendra kissed her and whispered, “You’re welcome to cum…if you’re Completely Compliant.” Hope shrieked and barked as the orgasm burst through her. When she came back down, Amanda’s software was waiting to mindfuck her again.

It went on like that until Hope, and a whole lot more, belonged to Kendra.

Director's Commentary

For some time now, I’ve had this idea for a “Naughty Stock Photos” project. I’ve gathered quite a large collection of stock images that have some element I can imagine being twisted into erotic mind control fare. It was very fun finally taking the opportunity to pull a few of those pics and put them to use.

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  • avatar


    LOVED this…It`s SO HOT! Great Hypno,Great Eroticism…Wish I was Claudia,Hope,laura or Amanda..Amanda`s Sitch is Hottest,lol

  • avatar


    Great series. Particularly liked the Claudia image and text

  • avatar


    “Claudia moaned weakly as she came again around the glass the dildo.” extra “the”

    I actually found Claudia’s picture and text to be the weakest. In the picture, she’s not looking at the screen, and the flow of her thoughts is cluttered with clear thinking instead of mind controlled goodness, fading resistance and self betrayal.

    I found Laura’s text to be the hottest in this group. Great use of misdirection.

    Also, by the time I read Hope’s text, I forgot who Amanda was and had to back track. Some indication of how Amanda has changed would be nice, say she’s behaving strangely robotically and/or wearing a collar and/or slave outfit that Hope briefly puzzles about but finds hot and wants for herself.

    • avatar


      Thanks for your feedback and catching the typo. Its fixed now.

    • avatar

      Robyn Harris

      Claudia only has some intermittent moments of unfortunate lucid thought because she still has “Hope”. Once Claudia realizes that her insurance policy has been throughly subverted and debased, she will come to accept that her own capture is both inescapable and inevitable. The mental support system holding out the false dream of rescue will collapse. Her resistance will crumble and she will fully embrace, accelerate and collaborate in her own willful enslavement.

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    I hope you never stop doing what you do.

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    Now that is what I love to see! This reminds me so much of your first video manipulation. Great work, this just looks amazing!

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    Could you post the brainwashing clips as their own video please? Just the ~15 second loop stiched together is find.

  • avatar


    So, so frickin’ hot. Great job!

  • avatar


    As usual, fantastic work.

  • avatar

    Mike the Director

    An excellent, insidious, irresistible penetration of the upper echelons of Claudia’s company. Thank you for the time invested in producing this series of manips.

  • avatar


    Woww,thank you so much

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