Chained to the floor of a strange room, Melissa discovers 'rescue' can take many forms.
Published on July 22, 2019

Melissa’s breath came in gasps as her body came in violent, erratic tremors. The heavy steel chains rang out percussively on the cement floor. Over the vortex of disjointed words, rhythms and lustful cries blasting from hidden speakers, Melissa could still hear the song of the vibrating eggs inside her.

They sang inside her holes and their buzzing melody reverberated at the base of her skull. It sounded like a swarm of bees seductively humming all around her.

She thought of a movie she’d seen when she was young. A woman captured and mesmerized by a hive of bee-women. They massaged amber nectar onto her naked body until she was cocooned inside. When the woman emerged, her eyes popped open revealing black, shiny insect eyes. Her old life forgotten, she served the hive as a drone.

It had frightened Melissa terribly at that age. What frightened her years later was how hard she came when she masturbated to the image.

She was no longer frightened. If she could still feel the sensation of fear she’d be afraid that she was no longer afraid. Particularly when there was such good cause to be terrified of her situation: kidnapped and chained to the floor of this nightmare cellar.

But now, Melissa was just terribly, terribly horny.

There was no way to escape the chains or to not hear the torrent of voices pouring into her ears. Women cumming and begging and begging to cum.

She’d kept her eyes shut, at first. But eventually she’d realized that the eggs in her passages fucked her so much better when her eyes were open and watching the flood of images projected into every part of the room. Women being ravished by ruby red lips, slender fingers and wicked strap on cocks.

Melissa could feel something behind the images. It felt firm and moist as it slithered through her eyes and coiled around her mind. It was obedience. The only sensation she could feel… other than white-hot lust.

Melissa suspected that soon, she wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart.

Suddenly the room went quiet. The silence stunned Melissa for a moment before she realized that she did hear something: footsteps. A woman’s pair of high heels padding languidly on cement. Melissa’s dull mind wondered if the footsteps belonged to the vision of power and sex walking towards her now.

A woman. Older than Melissa but with an ageless body cloaked in black business wear. Her crimson lips were smiling beneath large, black sunglasses.

She spoke and her voice echoed inside Melissa’s head like it was a vast, empty room. “Mmmm. You look lovely there girl. Your conditioning is going just splendidly. I have other things to see to so I’ll be back to collect you in a few days time. Until then, I thought I’d give you a little something to look forward to.”

The woman pulled up her skirt with both hands and revealed a pair of pink, satin panties. She pulled them down and Melissa lurched forward, confused by her own sudden need to be closer to this woman’s cunt.

The woman laughed and stepped out of the panties before smoothing her skirt back into place. “Patience little one. There will be time enough later. For now, let me show you how eager I am for our next meeting.”

Then, the woman pulled her panties over Melissa’s head and stretched the damp crotch over her mouth and nose.

“Enjoy your reprogramming dear.” The woman said cheerfully before the sound of high heels carried her away and out of Melissa’s sight.

The room came to life again and Melissa gasped, breathing in delicious musk through the large wet spot in the sodden panties. Every breath in was full of the woman’s honey-sweet scent. Melissa pressed her tongue to the satin and tasted what remained of the woman’s tangy need. She came again and knew the wicked eggs had nothing to do with it.

To smell that again… to taste that again… this time from between the elegant woman’s stocking-clad thighs… Did she want to be rescued more than the wanted that? Melissa felt the faintest shadow of fear then, catching herself fantasizing about giving up her life just to have her nose and mouth where the pink panties had so recently been. It was pointless though. Fear and shame and guilt wouldn’t stop her.

They’d just make her cum harder.

Melissa placed her upturned palms on her thighs and stared wide into the whirlpool of sex that was drowning her senses. She knew the next time she saw the woman, her name would be ’Goddess.’ Melissa wondered if, by then, she herself would still have a name.

She breathed deeply and let the thought, along with all her others, melt and flow freely into the puddle beneath her.

Director's Commentary

I recently stumbled across this photo on tumblr and just HAD to do something with it straight away. There’s just so many things about the pic that make it wrong (hot) and therefore perfect for mind control smut.

The model’s eye was closed originally, but once I’d located the perfect blank stare to go along with her pose, it was just a matter of penning some words to tie things together.

It was certainly fun for me, I hope it was you as well!

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