Positive Protocol

Miss Jenson's brainwashing is coming along very nicely. The Director says so...
Published on October 3, 2019

“Oh, Miss Jenson! Thank you goodness for you! You really are the only thing going right today,” The Director said as she opened the door to the chamber.

“Sssss….sssSsstop,” the woman in the chair slurred.

“Soon my dear, soon. It won’t be long at all until we’ve finished your reeducation,” the Director said cheerfully, checking something on her ePad.

“Y-yrr lynnnng,” the bound woman whispered.

“Now, why would I lie?” The Director quipped. “As I said, things are going just splendidly in here. Now, your boss? The Madam Senator across the hall? That’s a different story all together.”

She clicked her tongue. “Tough nut to crack that one. You’ve been a walk in the park, by comparison.”

The bound woman shook her head as much as she could, but her eyes wouldn’t leave the screen filling the wall in front of her. They couldn’t. They hadn’t been able to look away for some time.

“ItssSsss uhhh trrrrrikkk,” she hissed, her enormous nipples heaving as her chest rose and fell in perfect rhythm to the driving pulse of images engulfing her.

“Trrrynng t’make me thnk… i’m gvvvnng in. won’t worrrrk.”

“But you’ve already given in my dear,” The Director said smoothly. “I’m sure it feels like you’re putting up a terrific fight but that’s just habit speaking for you. You’ve been conditioned by culture to value your own sense of self, your agency above all other things. You can’t reconcile that surrendering them would be sooooo very, very… pleasurable.”

The woman in the chair groaned savagely as she rocked her hips back and forth. The Director stepped into her field of view, just to one side of the giant screen hammering away at the younger woman’s will.

“So you say these things, not because they’re true, but because you don’t want to let yourself admit how much you love having us rewrite your thoughts. And if your thoughts hadn’t been so significantly…adjusted, then it wouldn’t elicit any reaction at all from you if I did… this.”

With that, The Director pulled open her lab coat and let it drop to the floor. Beneath it she was nude… and gorgeous. The bound woman gasped, clamping one leg across the other and rocking violently forward and back in the chair.

The Director came to stand behind her, drawing her hands across the woman’s head. “You see my dear? It’s irresistible. You’ve been masturbated to the brink of insanity while I’ve bombarded your mind with images of female beauty. The mere sight of my body brings you pleasure now. The thought of worshipping me is sex to your new slave-mind.”

The bound woman sobbed but continued thrusting her pelvis against the chair.

“But, of course, all the while that’s been happening you’ve also been drinking up a healthy amount of subliminal programming. It steadily chipped away at your resolve, whispering how hot and horny it made you to be captured and subjected to our mind treatment.“

The Director reached down and took the woman’s throbbing nipples in her hands, tweaking and tugging them deliciously.

“Tempting you to just let it happen as we rewrote your sexuality. Convincing you that cumming your brains out wouldn’t help us enslave you. Lying to you that you’re still capable of fighting us.”

The woman grunted wildly, barking and thrashing as she fucked herself on the wicked toy they’d attached to the chair beneath her.

The Director chuckled. “No, dear. You belong to me now. You’re so far along in fact that I’m going to assign you a special task. When you leave here shortly, you’re going to keep a close eye on that Senator woman you work for. If you suspect, for a moment, she’s starting to think for herself again… You’re going to get her alone… and remind her of just how goooood it feels to give in and serve us.”

She leaned down and whispered hotly in her ear. “Because no one knows that feeling better than you do!”

The woman wailed long and loud, nodding her head with something like clarity in her eyes. “I’llll dooo’it… pleashe I’llll do it.”

“That’s very good slave. I’m so glad to hear you say that. In fact, I think this deserves a little treat. Since you’re being so agreeable, I’ll give you some more of… this.”

The director tapped something on her ePad and the toy buried in the woman’s clenching sex, buzzed fiercely: ramping up to a new level of intensity.

“Enjoy it dear, it’s going to make this last little part of the process more intense than anything you’ve experienced.”

“An’thenn,” The woman gasped, “Yoooou’ll le’ meh goooo?”

The director smiled as she retrieved her lab coat. “Of course dear! You only have another…” she consulted her ePad’s clock, “… eighteen hours of brainwashing to complete.”

The bound woman screamed with all the air in her lungs. At first, in horror. Then, in despair when she realized how close she was to another mind melting orgasm from just the thought of being brainwashed for another day.

Then, she toppled over the edge and the only shrieks she had left were pleas for more. When she had no breath left to shout with, the only sound in the room was the slick, squish of her pussy as she continued fucking herself mercilessly.

The Director patted her on the head and left the chamber, turning on the insidious speaker system once she was safely outside. Then, she dictated a note into her ePad:

“Subject shows much stronger resilience than anticipated. Increase all levels of stimulation and schedule staff to continue administering positive reinforcement interludes every three hours. This should have subject in compliance before she’s scheduled to be returned in forty six hours.”

The Director saved her notes to the central data core, then made her way down the corridor to the other chamber that was currently occupied. She grabbed the handle to the door and prepared herself for the task at hand. Then, she pressed her thumb to the security plate and pushed the door inward.

“Oh, Madam Senator! Thank goodness for you! You really are the only thing going right today.”

Director's Commentary

The source image was so evocative that this piece really became a priority in and around a lot of other things that were grabbing at my time. Its one of those images I just live for: perfect in its composition, its aesthetic quality and its readiness for being infused with an erotic mind control flavor. Terrifically fun.


  • avatar

    Katherine Kelly

    Amazing ! Can’t wait for the Senators turn. Thank you !

  • avatar


    Are you aware of the affect the green lettering has when we read the story?

    • avatar


      If its a bit too vibrant, you might use the buttons at the top of the page to turn off the glow or switch the font. I know some people don’t care for glowing text on a dark background as much as I do 😉

  • avatar

    Mike the Director

    Powerful; yes, let’s see the Senator turning/turned.

    Did you know that the heel of the victim’s right shoe seems to be missing

  • avatar


    Thank you for sharing your work, and this definitely pushes a couple of the right buttons from my point of view, the use of the chair being one of them. I’m definitely glad I kept my promise to come back!

  • avatar


    A very nice hot short story and manip. I particularly liked how you teased out the manipulative “gaslighting” messaging from the controller. I feel like trilby has quite a few monologues from controllers telling their victims how soft and weak they are and how inevitable the end result is, although he’s definitely not the only one who does that. This felt a bit like pulling the curtain back a bit from the mc’ers viewpoint. Hot stuff!

    • avatar


      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Vanderbilt! I always appreciate hearing your insight and critique. You’re certainly right in that trilby and others have used a similar device in their works. I recently heard the term “love bombing” and had to go look it up. I think a lot of the inspiration for the story came from learning what that entails and contemplating how it might be used in one of my scenarios.

      Thanks for reading!

  • avatar

    Mike the Director

    On a second viewing. Thanks for sorting out the heel.

    Surprising to see no power supply hooked up under the chair……

    • avatar


      Lovesense vibes and bluetooth headphones have rendered obsolete my penchant for photoshopped cables 😉

      • avatar

        Mike the Director

        AN interesting view of “long-life batteries”! Are we ever to be granted a view of the Senator’s conversion? Or maybe a simple view of the senator as she walks out afterwards, fully dressed and apparently fully in control, with just an earpiece or special spectacles on display? This would reduce your workload whilst meeting the suggestions of your loyal fans.

        • avatar


          I don’t know. I guess it will depend on if I ever come across a set of images that seems to portray that or suggests itself along those lines. My imagination is always open to those kinds of possibilities!

          • avatar

            Mike the Director

            Three years on, I wonder whether AI might assist you in creating a picture of the post-processed Senator as she ls away to perform her first mission?

          • avatar


            It certainly could! I’ve been using Stable Diffusion quite a bit lately. We’ll have to see if I have a flash of inspiration for what adventure the Senator might get up to.

  • avatar


    Seconding what Vanderbilt said about the bit of psychological trickery to subvert the subject’s resistance — nice touch (not as nice as the touches she’s going to be getting, but that’s left as an exercise for the reader’s imagination…).

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