Fun Room

Christy invites Asa over to show her the unique renovation she's made to her spare room.
Published on September 23, 2018
 - Featuring Asa Akira , Christy Mack
 - Original Media Source: I Am Christy Mack (2013)

“Well, I’m glad to hear its going well,” Asa said as Christy led her into the room. “Ohmygawd, you cleaned!” Asa teased, feigning awestruck surprise. The spare room had been a catch-all for at least the first year after Christy bought the house. Now it was practically empty, save for a white loveseat.

Christy smiled and beckoned her inside. “Well, I finally found a use for it.”

Asa’s heels clicked on the hardwood, “Does it have something to do with your prototype?”

Christy nodded as she pulled out her phone, “Yes actually. Although I’m well past the prototype phase.”

Asa smiled but managed not to roll her eyes, “Okay Ms. Double-major. But, those of us with only a single engineering degree still call this the prototype phase.”

Christy grinned as she searched in her white lab coat’s pockets. “Was there a set of keys on the counter?”

Asa thought about it, “Yes. Next to the sink. I saw them when I plugged my phone up to charge.”

Christy nodded and began pushing the door closed, “Perfect.”

Asa frowned as Christy shut the door behind them, the sound echoing brightly in the small room. “Isn’t that lock on backwards?” she asked, pointing to the number-keypad of the smart-deadbolt installed in the ornate, white door. Christy winked as she tapped the keypad and the mechanical lock whirred and clicked home.

Asa laughed reflexively, “Did- did you just lock us in?” Christy giggled mischievously and nodded. Asa laughed despite feeling a bit anxious, “It’s just a four-digit code to unlock it, though. Right?”

“Eight-digit, actually.” Christy said as she unlocked her phone and then spoke clearly to her system agent, “K.A.T., new door code on the fun room.” Asa was so busy trying to figure out what exactly made the nearly-empty space a “fun room” that she didn’t immediately process what Christy had said.

Christy turned away from the door, looked Asa in the eyes, and started punching random numbers into the deadbolt’s keypad. Asa noticed Christy was wearing brightly-colored fake nails. They looked like talons. She laughed nervously, “Are you going to be able to remember that when it’s time to get out?” Christy smiled even bigger and shook her head.

“Door code changed,” her phone quipped flatly.

“Christy?!” Asa scolded her, “How the hell are we supposed to get out of here?” Christy raised a finger to her lips for silence and held up her phone. Asa immediately felt stupid for her micro-panic, “Of course. You can open the lock with your phone. Sorry I just-”

“Activate fun room. Sixty second timer,” Christy said, enunciating carefully.

“Activating… fun room in… sixty seconds,” K.A.T. replied.

“You’ve got plenty of battery, right?” Asa asked with her most disarming I’m-joking-but-I’m-serious face. Christy handed Asa her phone. Spartan’s mobile OS didn’t show the battery level as a percentage but the tiny white bar was well above the halfway mark. Asa looked up to hand the phone back…

Just in time for Christy to finish unbuttoning her lab coat.

Asa’s mouth dropped open and she couldn’t keep her eyes from roaming up and down Christy’s body a few times as the other woman pulled the white coat off. She wore a matching set of lacy funderwear in bright pink.

Christy tossed the white coat past Asa, into the corner of the room, then took her phone back. “K.A.T., disable voice commands for my fun room.” She turned away from Asa, smokey eyes peering over her tattooed shoulder.

“Voice commands disabled for your… fun room,” K.A.T responded.

Christy bent over, keeping her ankles together and knees straight. Asa was too distracted by the way Christy’s ass swallowed the fabric of her micro-thong to notice that Christy had set her phone on the floor. Christy stood and turned around slowly, giving Asa’s eyes plenty of time to experience her body.

Then, she set the toe of her designer, stiletto pump on top of her phone and kicked it under the door and out into the hallway.

Asa’s mouth hung open as she heard the phone slide over the hardwood and bounce off the wall outside with a dull thud. They were trapped. Christy had locked them in and, literally, thrown away the key.

Christy took a step towards Asa, then another. Each foot crossed over the other and set Christy’s hips swaying sensuously as she stripper-stalked across the floor and backed Asa up against the wall.

Asa had never really been seduced before, certainly not by another woman, and definitely not with such an elaborate ploy to get her alone. Blood thundered in her ears. It felt like the first line of coke she’d ever done. The exhilaration of doing something taboo and the rush of euphoria crashed into each other in the most spectacular way.

“You didn’t invite me over to show me some new thing you’ve been working on. Did you?” Asa could feel her heartbeat in her nipples, which were straining to tear through her bra and shirt and somehow get themselves between Christy’s fingers.

“Sure I did.” Christy’s smiled never wavered.

Asa hissed as the other woman stepped inside her personal space, body radiating erotic heat. “Christy, I’ve never even kissed-“ Christy pressed fingers to her mouth and Asa moaned to feel her touch.

She leaned close, her lips a breath away from Asa’s ear. “Don’t fight it,” she whispered hotly. Asa thought she was going to lean in for a kiss but, instead, Christy backed away and sat down on the white sofa. She began stroking her sex through her panties while she watched Asa intently.

Asa’s brow furrowed, “Fight what?”

Then the room exploded in a maelstrom of color and sound.

Asa couldn’t hear herself moan over the hammering music being pumped into her head. The beat was mind-numbing in more ways than one. The tempo -was- sex. The exact, perfect rhythm that Asa would unleash on her naughty pussy with the dog-cock toy she kept in her nightstand.

She felt her hands begin to roam her body again. She could stop if she wanted to. She’d stopped herself quite a few times actually. Mostly so her psycho-cunt friend wouldn’t have the satisfaction of knowing how much the “fun room” was getting to her.

But what was the point? She couldn’t stay mad at Christy. Not when she wanted to fuck her this badly.

She slipped a hand inside her panties and all those thoughts melted as her fingers glided over the pulsing heat of her slick folds. Everything inside her head felt slow and distant. Like someone had unscrewed the top of her skull and poured a quart of syrupy codeine into her brain.

The sensation of having her six-figure intellect drowned in volcanic lust made Asa hornier than anything she’d ever experienced. She imagined her analytical self, wearing graduation robes, thrashing in a pool of viscous, black liquid. Her clever doppelgänger cried for help while Asa watched from the pool’s edge, wearing Christy’s pink underwear, and touched herself.

What was left of Asa’s mind boggled. Christy hadn’t given her anything to eat or drink. There was no obvious way she could’ve been drugged. To induce these effects on her mind purely through external stimulation…

As brilliant as she was, Asa had never possessed Christy’s imagination. She’d assumed Christy’s prototype had been a new tactile interface paradigm or maybe some radical advancement to her custom system agent, K.A.T. Now, Asa felt quite certain that she was standing inside the prototype…while it turned her brain to pussy-flavored jello.

It was outrageous to think (bad) it was even possible. But Christy was a legitimate genius and Asa’s throbbing sex (good) was evidence enough that Christy’s prototype was more than capable of manipulating her physiology.

She kept one hand working her clit while she slid the other down the back of her panties to the entrance of her ass. Asa’s knees buckled as she slipped the finger inside and got a taste of just how fucking good it could feel to be manipulated.

Suddenly, Christy was beside her, pushing Asa’s hand out of the way and taking over the teasing of her sopping pussy. Christy did kiss her then and Asa groaned huskily, feeling the vibration inside her skull more than hearing it.

Over the incessant music, Christy was shouting, “It’s so fucking hot, watching you break!”

Asa was nineteen again, trying to hold a conversation with Christy about metallurgy over the din of a club she’d gotten dragged to. She hated those places. She’d never felt bold or slutty enough to fit in there. Christy loved them.

Now she had one of her very own that mind-fucked a girl’s brains into applesauce and locked from the outside.

Thinking about it didn’t feel nearly as good as masturbating about it so she gave up and tried to lure Christy’s hand deeper between her legs.

Asa realized that her finger was now pistoning furiously in and out of her butt. Twinned with Christy’s firm, sensual handling of her pussy, her body was racing towards the cliff and the unfathomable orgasm beyond. She wasn’t even thinking about fighting it anymore.

Something about the deadbolt nagged at her though.

They were both locked in here.

“But it’s going to make you dumb too!” Asa wailed as she humped Christy’s hand.

Christy eyes lidded and she shuddered in orgasm atop her heels.

“I know!”

Her fingers increased their tempo between Asa’s legs.

Asa’s eyes crossed in her skull and her other hand tried to match Christy’s tempo as it fucked her ass.

Before the cum to end all fucking cums shattered her thoughts forever, Asa’s mind suddenly flashed back to a wine-and-Netflix night back in grad school. Christy had revealed she’d recently posed nude for some fetish website to earn a little extra money. The theme of the shoot was Christy being transformed into a vapid bimbo.

Asa had tried to hide her middle class shock as Christy confessed that the idea had turned her on intensely; that it had been fueling her masturbation sessions ever since.

Asa had never told Christy that she’d jilled off over it a few times herself.

Asa lunged forward and pushed her tongue into Christy’s mouth as she pressed another finger into her own clenching ass. Then, the climax was crashing through her and sending shockwaves through her body and into Christy’s. The other woman held Asa tightly as she came her brains out.

At the edge of the pool, the black liquid surface was calm. The old Asa had slipped beneath and was being sucked to the bottom.

However deep that was.


Director's Commentary

The video portion of this manip was pure joy to work on and came together quite quickly. The writing was more of a challenge than I’d anticipated. This piece languished for over a month while I went through a number of rewrites on the second half. The challenge was keeping the story within Asa’s head space while still fitting in a bit of exposition. I’m pleased with how it all ended up but it was more of a slog than usual.


  • avatar


    Hmm. Interesting idea, but the story text could use some editing: The setup with the phone takes too many steps. Little things during the seduction phase break the mood: The cocaine and codeine references, the references to how intelligent and accomplished they’re supposed to be: “Six figure intellect” “grad school” “brilliant” “legitimate genius” I think those should have gone into the character intros instead of the seduction when thoughts like those are supposed to be fading away.

    Then there’s odd things like the dog-cock dildo (?!?), the Netflix-and-wine nights, Christy working for a fetish website, background stuff again that belong more in the intro than in the seduction, and those fail to contribute to the atmosphere. Old Asa vs New Asa comes out of the blue; Inconsistent terminology vs “doppelganger” doesn’t mesh. K.A.T.’s explanation comes in the seduction, again breaking the mood, as opposed to when we first hear about it in the setup.

  • avatar


    Hello! I love hypnotits videos too. It really nostalgic n cool…but I cant find the way how to watch them on hypnopics collective anymore. So please. Maybe you can save us all and somehow download it from there and share with us?

    • avatar


      Its possible to download his vids from the old gallery but its tedious. If you inspect the (broken) embedded player element using Chrome or Firefox’s dev tools it will give you the relative URL of the video file. Then if you paste that into the browser bar after the gallery’s base url, it will complete the video file’s address and download.

      So, for example, inspecting the code for his Titty OD video reveals a relative url of:


      This needs to be added to the gallery’s base url, which is:

      So the final URL for the video is:

      Do that for every video in his gallery and you too can have a complete collection of HypnoTits video manips! I wish you the best. 😉

  • avatar

    Wayne C

    It is….ok,No offense,but I never see any erotic interaction between them,even if it is…just Kissing..granted,the STORY is erotic,and the Hypno part is great,But the story is…about the erotic interaction between them,and perhaps A Visual interaction would make it hotter..Heck,the Bubbles story WAS visually erotic,especially between the two women..Anyway,nice story,just not visual,when it comes to interaction *shrugs*

  • avatar

    blank stare

    “Nice job!” to both of you! I enjoyed the art and the story quite a bit. The wild kinetic montage illustrates the chaos and confusion in Asa’s head as she tries to figure out “What the hell is going on and why is it making me so hot?” Thanks for another fine entry to the Callidus Catalog!

  • avatar


    Beautiful work, the video really feels like an intense mind-mulching is taking place. Would you be able to tell me the name of the music that’s playing or it’s author? It’s mind control perfection!

    • avatar


      No I’m sorry. I’ve tried to track down the music’s source a couple of times but have had no luck. My best guess is that its a custom one-off track that was made exclusively for this video on PornHub.

      Thanks for watching!

  • avatar


    Wow, have been forever looking looking looking for old Hypnotits Studios productions (Bettie’s Rubble, Vixen Titzen, etc.) and it looks like this very thread may be a good lead. Hello … new here … greetings.

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