Just Joking

Cathy confronts the woman she thinks is responsible for her roommate's disturbing behavior
Published on July 13, 2019
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<Hey. Do you have a minute to talk?

>Yes, certainly. Who is this? Do we know each other?

<I’m a friend of Rebecca

>What can I do for you, friend-of-rebecca?

<Well, for starters, you can stop communicating with her entirely

>Excuse me?

<You heard me bitch! You’re fucking up her life and I’m telling you it ends now!

>You’re very rude. How am I harming rebecca?

<The stuff you’ve been sending her. The files the apps, whatever they are. She’s been acting weird since she started talking to you

>Talking to me is hardly ruining her life. Quite the opposite I would say

<Don’t fucking play stupid! You know those files you have her watching are messing up her head with all that lesbian shit

>What, exactly, is wrong with “lesbian shit?”

<She’s not like that! Have you seen her boyfriend?! His cock is as thick as a sledgehammer for chrissakes.

>I was under the impression they broke up

<Exactly my fucking point!!! She was talking like they were going to get engaged and right after she starts talking to you WHAM she dumps him and now its like she’s not even into men anymore!

>There’s nothing wrong with that

<There is if you do it to someone who isn’t like that. If people choose that its great but you’re MAKING her do it

>How do you imagine that I’m doing that?

<Those fucking files you send her!

>I write software, she’s just been helping me with some experiments

<I caught her fucking herself in the bathroom earlier today staring into her phone like a zombie. Like she wasn’t even in control of her body and stuff. There were all these words coming out of the speaker. Telling her she was enslaved by pussy and addicted to tits and sick stuff like that. I know she got the file from you

>How did she respond when you walked in on her?

<Like she couldn’t even see me. I was shouting at her and she never looked away from her phone

>Of course, she’s programmed not to let anything but an emergency disturb her while she’s reinforcing her conditioning

<…WHAT?!!! She’s fucking “programmed?!”

>Correct. I’ve been hypnotically reprogramming her mind.

<So you just admit that you’ve done this to her? Ruined her life with your bullshit?

>she’s never been happier, I can promise you that. When she’s fucking herself while under my brainwashing routine… its bliss that you can’t even imagine. Pleasure so intense that it melts a person’s reason, their will, their very being. Once a person feels that, I can make them do anything I command and obeying will make them happier than anything they’ve ever experienced.

<You’ve got to be kidding me with this


>rebecca and I are role-playing dummy! She’s bi and she has fantasies about submitting to a woman, being a gooner girl, and frying her brain on lesbian porn. I’m gay and I have fantasies about doing all that stuff to women. Jeez, you thought I was serious with all that evil mind controller stuff?

<Wait, what?

>Look, you’re Cathy her roommate, right? She’s told me about you. I’m her friend Pamela (Hi there) and we started talking a little while back after she saw some porn video compilations I edited. They turned her on, we became friends, we started playing together and we’re both having a lot of fun. That’s about it

<No. She’s different. I mean REALLY different.

>She’s finally getting to explore a side of herself that she’s kept hidden her whole life. I’m sure she’s acting a bit different but she’s happier than she’s ever been

< I mean… that sounds more plausible and stuff but… she’s really been freaking me out with this

>Here let me send you something… I just need to grab a link, wait one


>Here we go: http://sho.rt/script_01

<And what is this?

>Did that link work? I may have pasted the wrong thing

<Hang on.

<Yeah I think it worked. Its got some green and purple fractal thing going?

>Great, that’s it. Its the menu background for my app. I’m still working on the UI

<What app is this?

>Oh jeez, you’re gonna love this… I call it “The Lesbo Ray!”

<LOL You can’t be serious!

>I know, I know 😉 Its mostly just a website that works like a mobile app but rebecca and I use it when we play

<Okay… that’s great and all but I don’t think I need to see it or anything

>I just wanted you to see that its all harmless and stuff. I mean I think you get how much imagination it takes for this to be anything more than a very amateur programmer’s attempt at a sexual aide

<Oh wait it did something. Maybe I tapped where I wasn’t supposed to?

>I’ve still got to finish writing the UI. Its set up to use audio instructions right now.

<Hang on, I’ve got my headphones right here

>Is it saying something about “inducer startup sequence?”

<Yeah *snort* this is sooo cheesy, actually I totally get how Rebecca would be into this

>XD exactly! Her sense of humor is like, the best

<It really is

>So anyway, just start the thing by saying “I submit my mind”

<Okay I said it… out loud (so embarrassed right now)

>You don’t need to watch the whole thing.. I think a few minutes will give you a pretty good idea of what its about and there’s nothing too sleazy until -much- later on

<Good to know, Not that I don’t enjoy being a sleazy girl here and there but we just met and all so…

>LOL, she told me you were a lot of fun. I’m actually really glad we met!

< 🙂 Me too! OMG I can’t believe how freaked out I was over nothing

>Totally understandable. No one can fault you for watching out for your friend

<Thanks for being cool about it. Sorry I called you a bitch and stuff

>Ah, my phone is ringing I need to take this. Just watch for a few, when you see the girl in the Playboy bunny outfit spinning around like a record, go ahead and stop there

< 😉 sure thing

>…(sorry this is taking so long, work stuff)…

<np, girl you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. This is pretty slick. The music alone is killer af. Did you make this track?

>Sure did. I’ll get you a copy if you like


>That’s just what I like to hear cathy 😉

< 😉

> Still watching cathy? Sorry that phone call took so long.

< yes


>Its been over an hour. That was rebecca on the phone


>I know I told you it was work stuff but I lied about that. rebecca was very upset that you tried to come between us. And also about all those rude things you said to me.


>Yes I know. I told her you were. I told her that you and I were good friends now and that you’re starting to see things the way she does


>I suppose you’ve got your panties down around your knees by now don’t you?


>Does your pussy feel good under your fingers cathy? Better than its every felt?


>That’s what rebecca feels every time she pleases me. You’ll learn it soon enough. When you obey… it feels good. Such a simple little trap that no woman can escape. Take your hands off your pussy now cathy

<please no

>Its been long enough you don’t need the additional reinforcement. The program has enough of your mind cracked now that it can finish taking over with or without your help. Since you were so rude earlier, your pussy can just ache and suffer while you become mine


>rebecca tells me you have a TV at the foot of your bed. Screencast your phone to it


>Mmmm good girl


>See? When you obey… you feel good. There’s no escaping it now. Especially since I’ve commanded you to stop touching. Now, your mind is going to start helping me take you over. Without your fingers to get off, your subconscious knows that the best bet for cumming is to obey my commands and get the pleasure-reward you just felt. Your pussy wants it. Your subconscious wants it. Your conscious mind is still fighting but… your pussy and subconscious are going to help me twist you into a mess of fuck-lust until all that’s left of you will be begging to be my edge slut

<no please no more

>Oh we’re just getting started. I’m getting rebecca set up on her laptop on the other side of the apartment. I’m going to go finish enslaving her. You can hump the air as much as you like but your hands stay on the bed away from your body. If you can cum that way, be my guest. If not, you’ll have something to look forward to. Either way, you belong to me now little goonette


>Enjoy your brainwashing dear. I’ll send in rebecca later to feed you your first dose of pussy.

>Welcome to lesbo-slavery, little straight girl 🙂

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Director's Commentary

Bdsmlr (and previously tumblr) have yielded a horde of excellent source images over the years. I’ve been meaning to pull some of them together into a loose series of some sort. This is the first of what I hope will be a number of fun little stories utilizing these goodies.

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    hi…noticed one video is v3…another is v2…is there a v1?

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      The v1, v2, etc in the file names are designators I use to keep track of rendering batches. In the case of the top image, at the beginning of the manip, the v1 render had a glitching problem that needed correcting. So, I did a v2 render (which is the batch the JPG is from) but I made a mistake and truncated the video loop a few frames and so… v3.

      The animated GIF is the only file from the v1 batch that had no issues. So, to answer your question, yes! The GIF is a v1 file.

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