Remember, last time, when I said I really wanted to get out some short little bits of manip fun in between these big releases I’ve been teasing? Turns out I wasn’t kidding. Its as much a surprise to me as anyone.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a huge collection of smexy photos and GIFs I’ve turned up while browsing bdsmlr and, back when they weren’t lame, tumblr. For a while now, I’ve had a vague idea about collecting a bunch of them into a loose series of tales. Today, I’m releasing the first one!

I’ve always loved fiction that utilizes a voyeuristic device in its narrative. Reading emails back and forth between characters, chat logs, and the like, I find it adds a really neat quality to a story. I didn’t really plan that for this manip but as I started typing that’s just where my fingers steered me.

As much as I love doing big, involved projects with a lot of image work or a lot of writing its wonderful to take a break from that sometimes. I didn’t realize how much I missed just doing some animation work then writing a story to go with it: all in a single sitting.

Lots of fun to create. Lots of fun (I hope) to consume.

Here’s Just Joking!

Just Joking

Cathy confronts the woman she thinks is responsible for her roommate's disturbing behavior

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