Hello friends I’m back to give you a quick status update on what’s going on with the site right now. I’ve been putting some solid effort into several things over the past several weeks so I thought I’d fill you in on the details of my progress.

First up: Space Ranger. this manip is turning into a massive endeavor. What I’m planning at the moment will be a mixed-media story consisting of images, video, and music. Without getting into specifics of the story I can say that this manip is going to be a celebration of several eras of science fiction and space opera… along with the yummy mind control that so often accompanied those great works.

The story and characters draw their inspiration across a broad range of influences. From the Flash Gordan serials of the 1930s, to the sexy 70s revival of Buck Rogers, all the way up to FemShep cosplay of the 21st century. I’ve done an enormous amount of Photoshop work establishing the characters and locations that set up the story. Next up is to begin the work of enslaving some of the sexy cast members of this upcoming piece. I’ll keep you posted on this one. I’m currently planning to have it out sometime late this year.

Next up, I’m happy to report that bdsmlr has all but completely removed my heartache over the death of tumblr and the treasure trove of potential manip images I’d gathered there. I’ve found a host of blogs, new and old, and my “Manip Art” folder is filling once more with epic smut.

I’ve got a short list of photos & GIFs that I’m thinking about turning into a quick little piece of mind control erotica. Something similar in scope to Private Security. I’ve done some image work on several things and I’m just waiting to see where inspiration strikes. I know the wait between these long-form stories can be quite a dry spell and I don’t like it anymore than you fine folks. I’d like to put one or two of these smaller vignettes out to help tide us all over for the next big release…

Speaking of which, lets finish up by talking about Pleasure Professionals! This is one of the first upcoming projects I teased after the site relaunch and its also proven to be one of the more challenging. To have had such a clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish, I had a terrible go of things when I actually sat down to do the writing.

I trashed that draft and began another. Then trashed that one and began again… and again!

Fortunately, I kept plodding away and on my fourth draft, I finally hit upon both the tone and angle that had been eluding me. Armed with this new inspiration, I’ve been regularly working on this new draft which is currently just over three thousand words. Its feeling to me like I’ve got another two or three thousand to go before I’ll be able to circle back and start polishing things up.

I don’t have an ETA for you yet. All I can say is that I’m eagerly writing away every chance I get and I’m very excited to get this one finished and posted for you all to enjoy. I’ve also collected a few other photos and may be able to craft a small series of images to help tell this growing story.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated as the work progresses!


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