Private Security

A bodyguard is targeted by her powerful client's enemies.
Published on April 29, 2019
 - Featuring Aspen Rae

Tracy howled on the edge of orgasm, her voice wailing somewhere between ecstasy and despair. She paused just long enough to sit up slightly, then resumed savagely fucking herself. The new angle of attack ensured she stayed frustrated yet dripping.

In that state, her conscious mind could comprehend little beyond the searing pleasure she was tormenting herself with. That left her subconscious utterly defenseless against the brainwashing routine she was being subjected to.

The cacophony of overlapping voices inside the chamber roared loudly enough to drown out her own thoughts. Some voices humiliated her with filthy names, some droned endlessly about how weak she was, others tempted her to surrender and help them conquer her mind.

They all made her horny.

The other bodyguards, her employees, had been captured too. They were probably nearby in similar rooms, fucking themselves mindlessly and becoming addicted to their own new truth: they no longer worked for Tracy and they no longer served Tracy’s powerful new client.

Ms. Addok had insisted on the best and she had the funds to afford it. Tracy’s private security agency had taken the contract and initiated a complete revamp of Addock’s security protocols. Apparently, they’d done a very good job. If Ms Addock’s enemies could’ve gotten to her directly they wouldn’t have needed to enslave Tracy and the rest of her guard detail.

Soon, Ms Addock’s entire security force would be working around the clock to implement some new protocols. A tasteless gel compound, added to her food and beverages, would soon have her in a constant state of low grade lust. The new security hardware Tracy’s people would insist on installing would use wave-guide speakers to begin discreetly programming her mind with an irresistible fantasy. Soon, Ms Addock would spend her nights masturbating in her sleep while she dreamed of being the bitch at the center of a hard-bodied orgy starring Tracy and her elite bodyguards.

When the time came for Ms Addock to be kidnapped by her own security detail, she wouldn’t be calling for help or running for safety. She’d be peeling off her own clothes and offering up her mouth and holes for their enjoyment.

Tracy moaned loudly as her hand kept working the dildo in and out of her throbbing sex. She couldn’t wait to find out what Ms. Addock’s face felt like grinding against her slick pussy.

She couldn’t wait to cum as Ms Addock called Tracy’s owner “Goddess” for the first time.

Director's Commentary

Found this little gem while trying out Tumblr alternatives and was so smitten I instantly wrote a little vignette to go with it. The original media is untouched, possibly the very first time that can be said of an entry in my gallery.

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  • avatar

    Wayne C

    Nice,Nice. Only Prob,And THIS is minor: I would want to see her screaming,then Gushing…THAT`S IT! Nothing else! Good one,Callidus!

    • avatar


      Alas, I am limited by the media I find. If I ever stumble across the original source material maybe I can do more. Thanks for reading!

      • avatar

        Jock Pseudonym

        Sorry to double post but I found the exact video. It’s Aspen Rae Flex N Fuck and can be bought from her My Free Cams and her website, or on some tubesites with a bit of digging (email me at [myname]@gmail if you can’t find it, sorry to be evasive but I’d rather not get it taken down).

        What might be interesting for a sequel is the recreation she did a few years later, Flex N Fuck 2.0, where she has more muscle breast implants.

  • avatar

    Wayne C

    No,It is ok. Just giving my 2 cents..Nothing More! Hey,any updates on any of the featured list of other stories,like pleasure pros? Just Curious! And Yw!

  • avatar


    Very… Tether.

  • avatar

    Peter Jameson

    As ever this is sublime !

    I’d live to discuss a brainwashing idea with you.

  • avatar


    It was to short,leaving me wanting more but still all I can think to say is wow

  • avatar

    Jock Pseudonym

    The model is Aspen Rae, love to see more oiled up musclegirls from you!

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