I say “story” instead of “manip” or “animation” because, for quite possibly the first time, I didn’t touch the source material with this piece. Not that I didn’t have ideas or that it might not have spiced things up a bit. However, at the time, I was just in the mood to quickly write something punchy and hot. Words that would complement the -amazing- animated GIF I had stumbled across while test driving ShareSome.com

Last time, I talked about trying out some of the alternatives that have risen in the wake of Tumblr’s demise (sexy Tumblr I mean, regular boring Tumblr is still a thing). My first day banging around on ShareSome I came across this animation and decided I’d see how easy it was to re-post it with some naughty mind control words attached.

So, I spent a few minutes writing a few paragraphs and posted away. It was really quite fun. It reminded me of a period in my work when I wasn’t quite as plodding and methodical as I’ve been in recent years. Which is another way of saying I’m slow as hell these days and I wanted to feel light-of-foot again. Kind of like a mid-life crisis but I’m, technically, still too young for that. Unless my cholesterol is worse than I think it is.

In which case… I might need to go shopping for a sports car I can’t afford or something.

Anyway. The point, finally, is that my only contribution here is a fun little vignette of a story inspired by one of the most AMAZING physiques I’ve ever seen on a human being. The fact that she’s also gorgeous and fucking herself silly is just icing on the cake.

Speaking of cake, I’m gonna go get my cholesterol checked. Let me know if you enjoy… Private Security!

‘Till next time!


Private Security

A bodyguard is targeted by her powerful client's enemies.


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    Mike the Manager

    Excellent adaptation of real life. Now, to add a Callidus-specific followup.
    How about a manip where Ms Addock is being served a meal, attended by Tracy and a fellow bodyguard? Ms Addock looks up to Tracy, whilst the other subjugated bodyguard drips the control gel, unseen, onto her food?

    Both subjugated bodyguards have small earpieces, with slowly-flashing LED lights in the manip.

    This would close off her fate neatly and would be entirely in keeping with the Callidus theme.

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