Hey all,

I know I haven’t posted much this summer. I’ve been just completely engulfed in freelance work and other projects. However, I have found some breathing room in the past couple weeks. So, I thought I’d say hello and give you all a little peek at something I’m finishing up.

I’ve had this snippet of video saved for a while that I just -knew- I could do something with. I happened onto the folder I’d saved it in a week or two ago and took another look and it finally clicked with me. I trimmed out the roughly 25 seconds of relevant video and put it in a new project folder titled “Bimbo Room.”

I’m essentially finished with the visual fx work at this point. I’ve also been scribbling some notes that will turn into a modest caption I plan to write. I have just a bit of editing and tweaking left to do on the visuals. Then, I’ll assemble my notes into the story and then…I’ll be sharing it with you all!

So, hopefully, something to look forward to.

Hope your summer has been more fun than mine and I’ll see you again soon!

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