Twice in as many weeks! Have you ever seen the like?

So, yes, I’m back with another little goody for you all. My Director’s Commentary will follow but first, I do hope you enjoy Rescue!

I recently stumbled across this *lovely* source image on bdsmlr and I just HAD to put a little erotic mind control spin on it. I think one of the first stories I read that turned me on to the mind control possibilities of sodden panties was a JL themed story by Jo over on the Garden. It was certainly on my mind when I set to work crafting the animation and some words to go with it.

I did three drafts of this story and each one is markedly different. The first was, if I’m honest, just sort of going through the motions and not too great.

The second veered in a markedly different direction. I’d already written an anecdote referencing Invasion Of The Bee Girls (which is lovely btw, go check it out if you haven’t seen it). But I just kept coming back to this idea of Melissa hallucinating that there was this swarm of little bee women with strap-on stingers luring her into their hive with their sticky-sweet nectar, then injecting her with addictive girl-venom…

I really dug some of the imagery but it felt too convoluted and too disconnected from the source photo to really work. Whereas the Bee Girls anecdote was more about demonstrating the character’s predisposition towards sexualizing fearful & taboo subject matter. Anyway I’ve got it filed away for a rainy day. If I ever come across some source image that is really begging for mind control bee girls… I’m all set.

So, draft three is what ended up getting posted and I do hope you enjoyed that little bit of prose and, hopefully, you found this little bit of prose informative as well!

Thank you for reading and, as always, your comments questions, and suggestions are welcome!


Chained to the floor of a strange room, Melissa discovers 'rescue' can take many forms.

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