Published on August 31, 2011

Bennings twisted in his bonds but it only reminded him of how hard he was as his throbbing cock bounced with his thrashing. The blonde stroked his hair and whispered hotly in his ear “Mmmm its so hard to resist isn’t it? So hard. So hard to resist my toys.” Though he couldn’t tear his eyes from the screen they’d mounted high on the wall, he could see the older woman rubbing her enormous breasts through her suit. Her voice was thick with a light accent, “Yes, give in slut. It will feel so good. We’ll make it feel soooo good.”

Bennings bit his lip to keep from groaning. This situation would be so hot if he didn’t know the things he did and if these two women weren’t so obviously skilled at making people tell them things they shouldn’t. The blonde reached for the flashing control box and something clicked ”You know it turns you on to think about giving in.” On cue, the harness around his cock came to life and he couldn’t contain the tortured moan it ripped from him. The insidious device had been working him over for…he wasn’t really sure long it had been…phantom strokes on his aching shaft, never enough for relief, but more than enough to keep him delirious with arousal. They were conditioning him, feeding him new ideas and fantasies while he shuddered endlessly on the edge of orgasm. It would only take time for his brain to inevitably associate pleasure with whatever they were pumping into his mind…and he’d already lost track of time.

The blonde ran her fingers in slow circles over his chest, “You’re addicted baby, your hard dick makes it so easy to addict you to anything I command. Go down on me until you can’t feel your tongue baby. Handcuff yourself to the futon so I can take your ass baby.” His cock twitched on her every word. “See?” she cooed, “Your dick wants whatever I want. And I want you to go back to work next week and clone your office hard drive while you stroke your cock through your pants.” His whole body shuddered involuntarily, his cock was leaking precum now, a steady stream pumping in-time with his heart.

“Then you’re going to hire Ms. Madison here as your new secretary.” The older woman opened her jacket, her deep cleavage spilling out of her bra. “You’re going to need her help, after all you’re working for two employers now. Ms. Madison will provide on-site incentive to make sure you stay focused on…the task at hand. ” That last phrase poured into Benning’s ear and reverberated inside his skull, sending waves of heat coursing through his body and to his twitching cock. “Good boy, you’re ready to show us how well you’ve soaked up your conditioning, aren’t you?” Something gave way in Benning’s head and it took far less effort than he would’ve liked to whimper ”Yes Mistress.” Ms. Madison freed his bonds and Bennings’ hand went straight to his pulsating cock, stroking and chanting in time to the throbbing lights, “i will focus on the task at hand, i will focus on the task at hand, i will focus on the task at hand…


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